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3D Artist Draws Iconic Cartoon Characters in Realistically Creepy Ways

The stuff of nightmares? You bet!

Mark Andrew




  • Ontario, Canada’s Miguel Vasquez is an excellent 3D artist.
  • His Instagram gallery gives us a look of our favorite cartoon characters drawn realistically but with an older, scary vibe.
  • His works have gone viral online and many are just plain creeped out by his concepts.

Most of us have fond memories of watching – and loving – Saturday morning cartoons. You know, sitting in the sofa with a bowl of cereal and our favorite shows on TV. Weekends were definitely the best for us back in the days!

Now imagine this: iconic cartoon characters coming to life but with a bit of a creepy twist. Not exactly the stuff we’d dig as a kid, sure, but that’s the concept that inspired artist Miguel Vasquez’ 3D illustrations – which has since gained viral attention on social media.

Adorable characters look sinister when drawn by Miguel Vasquez.

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Miguel loves recreating our childhood icons, drawing them realistically and making them look a little disturbing than usual.

Some might say that these pieces look like the stuff of nightmares and yeah, that’s probably the point.

Go scroll down below to see some of his most recent works:

1. Handsome Squidward

Gotta admit this one looks pretty. Although the face kinda reminds us of Thanos!

2. Morty

3. Rick

Can’t unsee this one! The drool looks even more disgusting now.

4. Charlie Brown

5. Toad

If the cute Toad looks like that, we’re not sure if we wanna see Mario. Or Princess Peach.

6. Pinhead Larry

7. Sheldon J. Plankton

8. Gary

Life must have been really hard on Gary.

9. Snoopy

10. Bugs Bunny

11. Elmo

That nose. And those nipples. Ugh!

12. Bart Simpson

13. Marge Simpson

What in the world happened to you, Marge?!

14. Maggie Simpson

I just couldnt help but wonder who will he draw next!

If you want to see more of Miguel’s artworks, you should definitely go follow him on his official Instagram account.


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Mark Andrew



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