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Here’s an Illustrated Guide to Man Boobs And Boy, It’s Really Spot On!





Do you carry plump D-Cuppers? Pointy sidewinders? How about a pair of Decoys or a set of front butts? Hey, we’re talking about man boobs!

Much has been written and drawn about female boobs that it’s high time someone did a totally realistic illustration on man tits. And who will better supply us with this visual uh, treat than MAD Magazine? Cartoonist Drew Friedman made this for the mag and we have to say, it’s impressive! I mean, not all can stand staring at live photos of drooping man boobs even for the sake of education. This is a fun way of comparing all types of male chests that ever existed. If you’re one of the majority who do not have rock-hard, chiseled chests and abs, you will surely find your match here!

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