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Identical Twin Brothers Married Identical Twin Sisters and They All Live in the Same House

This just takes “twinning” to a new level.

Faye Williams





People are always fascinated by twins — more so if they’re identical. We seem to be intrigued by the thought of identical twin brothers or identical twin sisters who trade places or who have such an amazing bond.

Then again, the story of identical twin brothers Doug and Phil Malm, who married identical twin sisters Jill and Jena Lassen, most definitely takes “twinning” to a whole new level. They are said to be among only 250 twin couples in the world.

Phil is 5 minutes older than Doug, while Jena is 4 minutes older than Jill.

Their double feature love story started in 1991. They met at the Twin Days Festival — the largest annual gathering of twins in the world — in Twinsburg, Ohio. Doug paired up with Jill, while Phil went with Jena.

The annual Twin Days Festival is obviously a big thing for them.

The twins had a long distance courtship at first. However, their relationships blossomed after Doug bought a lottery ticket from a local store in Idaho and won a cruise to the Caribbean. Doug and Phil then decided to invite Jill and Jenna to go with them on the cruise.

A lucky Caribbean cruise was the turning point in their relationships.

As it turns out, the twin couples hit it off so well that Doug and Phil decided to propose to Jill and Jena in 1992. They chose the perfect occasion for their proposal — the Twin Days Festival that year. Their double wedding in 1993 also happened at the Twin Days Festival.

The identical twin couples then went on to live in the same four-bedroom house in Moscow, Idaho. They said they liked it that way. After all, Doug and Phil had lived together all their lives. Jill and Jena likewise didn’t want to be apart.

Interestingly enough, each couple only has one child.

After being married for several years, Doug and Jill later had a daughter whom they named Rylie. Soon after that, Phil and Jena had a son named Tim. Rylie is 19, while Tim is 18.

Their kids are cousins, but they might as well be siblings.

The twin couples have had a harmonious relationship. They pretty much do a lot of things together — from dining out, getting haircuts, and other activities. As a matter of fact, Phil and Doug both have the same jobs. They both work as cleaners and after-school supervisors.

They've been married for 24 years – and counting.

Of course, they admit that there have been times when they got confused. In fact, Doug recalls one awkward incident when he hugged Jena thinking she was Jill.

They look like they're having the time of their lives.

These days, the couple now call out their spouse’s name when they aren’t really sure who they’re talking with. For the most part, the twin couples pretty much got close enough to living happily ever after.

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