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Ibuprofen Use Linked To Fertility Problems In Men, New Study Finds

There has been an increased use of this common painkiller among athletes.


Ibuprofen has long been a widely-used medication for pain relief but new study suggests that one of its side effects is infertility in men. Male athletes commonly take the drug in high dosage but it can somehow change the physiology of testicles, which consequently lowers male fertility.

The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that frequent and heavy usage of the daily pain reliever specifically “alters human testicular physiology” that will result to a hormonal imbalance called compensated hypogonadism.

The new study found that with continued ibuprofen use, levels of testosterone-producing hormones dropped.

Compensated hypogonadism is also linked to strokes and depression, according to study authors.

To arrive at their findings, researchers in France and Denmark conducted trials involving 31 adult men under 35. Some of study participants took 1,200 mg of ibuprofen daily for six weeks and the others took a placebo. In two weeks, it was found that the group that took ibuprofen daily developed the hormonal imbalance linked to infertility, which is a condition that typically begins in middle age.

There are different factors that cause male infertility and these include genetic and hormonal disorders, weight, drugs, and alcohol use, age, smoking, environmental toxins, and trauma. This study may be small but this is the first in-depth study done to see how pain relievers affect the endocrine system.

There has been an increase in use of ibuprofen among professional athletes.

Researchers say that they have taken interest in studying the effects of ibuprofen because its use has increased among athletes all over the world. The study also serves as a continuation of previous studies involving pregnant women with mild exposure to ibuprofen. It found that fetuses exposed to ibuprofen had increased risk of testosterone blockages, inherited medical conditions, and changes in the male babies’ testicles.

The effects of daily use of ibuprofen are likely reversible among the participants, according to researchers. However, more research is needed to better understand how long-term ibuprofen use can affect users in bigger populations.


Niagara Falls Becomes Frozen During Winter, and It Looks Like Narnia

Here is your modern fantasy land, folks!

The Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and it is a crime not to pay it a visit it. Apparently, during winter, this beaut becomes a truly breathtaking site. And it actually looks like something from the fantasy movie called The Chronicles of Narnia.

There is also a cool thing about this phenomenon. First and foremost, the falls do not really freeze completely. And although ice jams may or may not temporarily still the waters, ice only forms at the very base of the falls. Subsequently, this forms what is now called "ice bridge." The water, in particular, keeps flowing underneath the two main cataracts, namely the smaller American Falls and the bigger Horseshoe Falls. Both simply make up the frozen facade.

Still, if you are a travel enthusiast and want to experience something majestic, the frozen Niagara Falls is your best bet. Many of its areas have been turned into ice, all of which are dangling precariously on the rocks. It is really like a Narnia-ish land, one that you can only imagine from reading books or watching movies.

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Stonefish: The World’s Most Venomous Fish, Also Quite A Delicacy

The world’s most dangerous fish might also be the most delicious you’ll ever taste.

The Philippines is popular for its marine biology and it is a well-known fact that its surrounding oceans inhabited by thousands and thousands more of aquatic species than elsewhere in the world. For this, the archipelago has become a top tourist destination for beach lovers, most especially to divers who wish to witness an amazing aquatic environment. Lurking beneath the majestic, blue waters of Philippines, though, is the most venomous fish and one of the deadliest species in the world. This simply proves that the biggest creature underwater is not necessarily the largest threat.

The stonefish is known as the master of camouflage. It blends perfectly with its surroundings and this is all because of its brown or grey skin with red or yellow patches, making it look like it’s a part of the coral reef. It can also look like an ordinary stone, so you have to wear your wet shoes to be protected from these deceiving creatures.

If sharks and sting rays scare you, you might want to be more careful around this smaller fish.

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Belize Suspends Oil Activity In Its Ocean Waters In An Effort To Preserve Marine Life

The reef will now be safe, thanks to the support from thousands of people.

The Belize Barrier Reef is home to more than 1,400 species of marine life and serves as the country's main tourist attraction. In an effort to preserve the reef, Belize has just taken a big step to protect the ocean waters from the effects of oil extraction and exploration by banning oil activities.

The reef was under threat from oil operations just last year but the government has heard the calls and protests of people who are concerned about the environment. Over 450,000 people joined together to put an end to oil operations and other harmful activities in the Barrier Reef.

The Belize Barrier Reef is one of the planet's most diverse ecosystems.

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