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This is Probably The World’s Most Terrifying Playground!





Magic Kingdom, Island of Adventure, Disneyland, and the Universal Studios- these are just a few of the most famous theme parks in the world. These oversized, fantasy playgrounds contain some of the tallest, longest, insanely heart-pumping rides that can surely put your adrenaline into overdrive. Children and adults alike desire to go to these places to sit, strap up, and scream their lungs out. The brightly colored rides in these parks were carefully constructed to entice people- to make them feel like they are indeed in for an adventure.

But in Italy, a different kind of playground exists around the Ai Pioppi restaurant.


Photo credit: Davetto.altervista
Ai Pioppi was established by an Italian man named Bruno on the 15th of June, 1969 in Nervessa della Battaglia, Province of Treviso in Italy.


Photo credit: Oriol Ferrer Mesià

Ai Pioppi is actually a family restaurant that started out as a small food stand underneath a tree. Bruno learned how to weld and loved it so much that he started visualizing small rides that can attract customers to his restaurant. 40 years later, the forest around his restaurant is now jam-packed with human-powered, crazy awesome rides for children and adults.

The rides may not be as tall, long, or as fast as the ones you can find in those popular places.


Photo credit: tripadvisor
But those who have visited the extraordinary playground said that it is definitely one of the scariest.


Photo credit: Oriol Ferrer Mesià
According to traveller Tom Scott, the playground looks like an old, rusty amusement park that had closed down a long time ago…


Photo credit: Oriol Ferrer Mesià
But all of the rides are fully operational.


Photo credit: Oriol Ferrer Mesià
The playground is packed with seesaws, gyroscopes, multi-story slides, swings.




Photo credit: Oriol Ferrer Mesià
…and unusual, kinetic rollercoasters.


Photo credit: Oriol Ferrer Mesià


Photo credit: Oriol Ferrer Mesià


There are no operators manning the rides.


Photo credit: Oriol Ferrer Mesià
The movement will depend on the riders themselves and in plain old physics.


Photo credit: blog attitudes beagle
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