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Man Reveals The Surprisingly ‘Correct’ Way of Playing ‘Corkscrew Climber’

You’ve been doing it wrong your entire life!

  • A video went viral after a man somehow revealed the simple and possibly correct way to play on the corkscrew climber.
  • The man on the video is shown easily sliding down the corkscrew climber as he demonstrated his method to his child.
  • Not surprisingly, people are realizing that they have been wrong about playing on the climber all their life.

Most of us would like to believe that we have mastered every playground staple by the age of 10. However, it looks like we have been playing on the iconic ‘corkscrew climber’ wrong all this time. A man has revealed that there is a correct way to take on the climber and it’s surprisingly simple.

A video shared on Facebook shows a man taking on the corkscrew climber at a playground in Japan. Interestingly, he starts from the top and casually places one leg over one spiral then the other just below it. Amazingly, that’s all you need to do as gravity does its job.

Watch how he masters the corkscrew climber.

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Who would have thought it was actually this simple, right? Most children usually just climb up the corkscrew and sometimes tire of it because they couldn’t figure out how to play with it properly. However, the real method happens to be just as simple as letting gravity take over.

It is unclear who the man is, but most agree that he’s just a smart dad who is showing his daughter how to play on the corkscrew climber. After demonstrating to the little girl, he then lets her climb on to the playset so she could try it out for herself.

Although some were delighted with the awesome dad for showing his daughter how to play properly in the playground, many were just surprised by how easy it could be to master the corkscrew climber. Others even pointed out that they learned something new today while some were shocked that their whole lives have been a lie.

We’ll never look at the corkscrew climber the same way again.

Whether it’s the correct way or not, it’s certainly an easy and fun thing to try the next time you find a corkscrew climber at a playground.


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