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Simple And Clever Trick To Keep Apples Fresh For More Than 24 Hours

Make sure your apples remain fresh for over 24 hours by doing this clever trick.

Maintaining the freshness of an apple can be quite challenging. After just a few minutes of slicing it, the fruit usually turns brown which, for the most part, makes it appear a little less appetizing.

Fortunately, there is an effective technique to help you preserve an apple’s color and crisp. With this hack, you will be able to keep your fruits fresh for over 24 hours.

On top of that, the great thing about this trick is that it does not only work for apples but with pears, tomatoes, as well as other fruits and vegetables. Instead of using lemon juice to prevent them from browning, an equally effective solution is to use honey water.

Watch the video here and try it yourself:

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Rest assured you will no longer have to worry about serving brown apples to your kids. You can also make sure that you can extend the lifespan of sliced fruits and vegetables as you plan to keep and serve them later.

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Credits: America’s Test Kitchen, Daily Megabyte



Photographer Captures Her Friend Giving Birth Naturally in Water at Home

The miracle of life in stunning photos!


Photographer Kathy Rosario of K Ro Photography has always been interested in capturing stunning photos of pregnancy, childbirth and babies. So when her friend and fellow photographer decided to have a water birth at home, Kathy volunteered to capture every wonderful moment of the momentous event.

According to Kathy, when a woman gives birth at home, it creates a different atmosphere filled with pure bliss and tranquility. She has been used to capturing moments of child birth, but there is something about home birth that makes the moment extra special.

“I have photographed quite a few births already, but nothing quiet compared to the serenity of a home water birth!”...

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Meet the World’s Most Deadly Spider that Gives Four-Hour Erection

This spider will give you the 4-hour hard-on that you wished. But unfortunately, you’ll die afterwards.

Okay, let’s be honest. No man would ever turn down the chance to sustain a four-hour erection. I mean, four hours of being hard and ready, able to satisfy your partner to the hilt… crazy, right? Most men would do anything just to get fantastic hard-ons.  So how do you get this unbelievable staying power? Simple. You just let a deadly spider bite you. You get the 4-hour hard-on that you want. But unfortunately, you'll die afterward.

Listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most venomous arachnid, the Brazilian wandering spider can give a man painful erection that lasts for hours with just one bite. Its venom brings extreme pain and inflammation, as well as loss of muscle control and breathing problems. Victims will experience paralysis and eventually die of asphyxiation.

It can give you long-lasting erection.


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Threatened Momma Hippo Fearlessly Attacks Crocodile

Don’t mess with a momma hippo. She’ll do anything to protect her baby!

No one in his right mind would ever mess with a crocodile. Just one look at the reptile’s evil-like stare and sinister jaws is enough to dissuade any attempt to cross with this mean-looking creature. But this female hippopotamus didn’t hesitate to charge towards a crocodile when her young was threatened.  This momma will do anything to protect her baby.

These stunning photos taken at Lake Panic in Kruger National Park caught the hippo in action as she wrapped her massive jaws around the poor crocodile’s tough exterior.  Photographer Ken Haley was in the right place at the right time to capture this fascinating scene.

Don't mess with a momma hippo!


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