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Learn How to Build a Self-Feeding Campfire That Will Burn for 14 Hours Straight

The self-feeding fire setup puts an end to staying up to keep the campfire burning all through the night.

Camping is one of the best outdoor activities you can experience, but it has its challenges. One of the most labor-intensive camping tasks is keeping your campfire going all through the night. Fire is necessary to keep your campsite warm. The blaze also drives away any animals who may want to get to your food and other supplies.

Often, though, campers stay up all night to make sure that the fire doesn’t die. It’s a bummer to have to constantly feed the campfire with logs when you already want to get some sleep. Then again, the thought of waking up in the middle of the night or in the early hours of the morning because you’re freezing is even more painful.

This is the setup for the self-feeding campfire.


A former Biology teacher-turned-outdoor enthusiast named Bob Hansler tried out a setup that would guarantee a blaze that would continue to burn even when nobody is up to feed it fresh logs. Hansler pointed out that he had learned about the self-feeding fire setup from other outdoor enthusiasts. However, since he hadn’t seen anyone actually execute it, he thought he would give it a try. If done right, the campire would burn for 14 hours or so straight.

In a Popular Mechanics article, Timothy Dahl explained:

“The premise of this self-feeding campfire design is that two ramps are setup across from each other and loaded up with even sized wood logs which meet in the center. Kindling is used to start the fire, and large wood sticks are inserted between the bottom logs to provide proper ventilation. The ends of the bottom logs should also be clear of wood and debris so the fire can breathe.”

Watch and learn!

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Dahl added:

“Once lit, the fire should maintain an even burn over the course of a few hours and even into the wee hours of the morning. As your night winds down, just remove the logs you don’t intend to burn and let the fire burn out or just extinguish it on your own.”


If You Have A Broken Zipper, You Can Easily Fix it Using A Pair Of Scissors!

Broken Zipper is not a problem at all. See how it is done, like a walk in the park.


A broken zipper may tell you that you need a new dress, pants or whatever it is that have a busted zipper but before giving a death sentence to your clothing; consider fixing the zipper first. It may be difficult to make the zipper work again but knowing the right steps will save your favorite stuff.

You may bring it to a seamstress and put out some cash just to save your possession or you may do it yourself.

Here are some reminders to follow before fixing your zippers with a scissor. ...

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Put Those Old Utensils Away. These Edible Spoons Are Pretty Awesome!

I definitely want one.

Tired of your old-fashioned utensils? Well, now is your chance to give eating a fresh, tasty twist.

The Edible Spoon Maker is exactly as its name implies – it makes spoons you can actually eat.

You can create your own spoon foods by placing some dough in the spoon-shaped molds. Just make sure to use the dough cutter to create the desired shape before baking them. After 3 minutes, you’ll be ready to use – and eat – your warm, crispy spoon. ...

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How To Get Rid Of Ants From Your Laptop In The Easiest And Most Natural Way

No chemicals. No Complicated Steps. Just simple and effective tips!

Are pesky ants currently invading your precious laptop? Believe me when I say that I know the feeling because it was only recently that I encountered such horrendous experience.

I remember placing my laptop on the dining table and typing a sentence or two while I eat. You see, I was then at the middle of beating a deadline so I needed to multitask as much as I can. I noticed two to three ants crawling on my laptop, but I did not bother because I was able to successfully put it away in an instant.

When I finally settled back at my usual work station, I noticed that the ants on my laptop grew in number. I wiped it away with my hands and then with damp cloth, shook my laptop and even subjected it to a high-heat blow dryer. I was able to get rid of it, but only for a minute or two. At this point, I was feeling really frustrated....

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