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Cook Bacon And Eggs In A Paper Bag With This Awesome Camping Hack

No frying pan? No problem!

Nobelle Borines





Who says you need a pan to cook your bacon and eggs outdoors? An awesome camping hack has proven that a paper bag will do if you want a nice hearty breakfast. The added bonus: It’s good for the environment!

The camping hack was shared by Backpacker Trail Chef who brilliantly found a way to avoid bringing a bulky frying pan for the evening outdoors. The hack only requires items that can easily fit into your backpack without taking too much space. One key item can even be reused for other purposes on your camping trip.

You only need a paper bag and a stick to cook bacon and eggs outdoors.

The ingredients are pretty straightforward. All you need is a few slices of thick-cut bacon and some eggs. To cook your breakfast, you must have a paper bag, a long stick, and a campfire.

The key is to wipe the bacon around inside the bottom of the paper bag so the grease will help prevent it from burning. Place the bacon in the bag before adding the eggs.

There a neat trick to store the eggs for camping. They recommend cracking the eggs into a water bottle so it’s easier to carry in your backpack. Seal the bag then punch the stick through the top portion. Make sure to find a long, sturdy stick so you won’t have a hard time holding the bag over the campfire.

You can reuse your stick later on during your trail.

You will only need to hold the bag over the coals for five to seven minutes. Although the bag might singe at the corners, it will not burn up if you have properly greased the bottom.

The camping hack is certainly a great way to cook a meal for one or for a group. You’ll just need more paper bags so each person gets their own little pouch of bacon and eggs.

Watch the full video below:

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16 Unusual Foods That Confuse Everyone Who Isn’t From the Midwest Right Off

I find #3 confusing but hey, #14 looks so tasty, it’s sinful!

Margaret Tionquiao




Naming is an unusual process. Let’s face it — be it food or person, names are extremely important to us. Very often, the first piece of information we have about anything or anyone is the name. If you’re at a noisy party with hundreds of people around and someone calls your name, it’ll rise up above the din and you’ll hear it. That’s because it catches attention in a way that a lot of other stimuli don’t.

Now this has some interesting implications. One that we are too ingrained to shake - we tend to like what we are like. Since foodies are an unusual breed, naturally, the weirdness is passed on to the foods they love best. People from the Midwest are no different. With the unusual geography and their strange catchphrases, the Midwestern's food are expected to be just as confusing. It sort of comes with the territory, it seems.


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Reasons Why You Always Feel Colder Compared With Other People

Do you feel cold while others do not? Here’s why.

Angela Beltran



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Why do you always feel cold when other people feel toasty? There can be tons of reasons. In fact, feeling unusually cold could be a symptom of many different conditions. Though you might have a natural tendency to be cold, there are many reasons that could explain your chill.

1. You're too thin

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When the hearts stops beating, it will take longer for the brain to cease its functions.

Angela Beltran



Humans have long wondered what happens after death. A new study may have the answer to this long-lasting question.

A team of researchers at New York's Stony Brook University School of Medicine found that people know when they're dead because their brains keep working to make them aware of what's happening around them.

Though many believe in the afterlife, the scientists have another thing in mind.

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