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Italian Astronaut Shows How They Make Meals In The International Space Station





Being an astronaut entails a lot of sacrifices. Although most of them are living their dream of becoming space explorers, long space missions may drive them crazy especially when it takes months or years before they finally come back home.

The European Space Agency understands this very well. This is the reason why they allow their astronauts to bring with them their favorite food, not only to keep them healthy and strong, but also to maintain a sound mind and psychological health.

In the video below, Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti demonstrates how she makes her favorite meal of tortilla, chicken turmeric, champignon mushroom, red rice and peas while aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Watch the video here:

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It is interesting how the space agency was able to come up with food packets designed for space living. With today’s advanced technology, the weightlessness of space cannot withhold our astronauts to eat their favorite meals. It’s so cool!

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Credits: European Space Agency

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