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Hot vs. Cold Shower Health Benefits Revealed: Which One Is Better For You?






Getting a shower not only leaves you smelling fresh and clean but is, overall, considered good for your well-being. It doesn’t matter whether you like to have a hot shower or a cold one because either way, you will be enjoying long and short term benefits.

Here’s a simple infographic that effectively sums up the difference between the two:

Benefits of Hot And Cold Shower At A Glance

Cold Shower Benefits

Pumps Up Energy – If you want to start the day right feeling invigorated, go ahead, get a cold shower. Cold water gets your heart to beat faster resulting in more blood being pumped throughout your body.

Better Blood Circulation – When you get in the cold shower, the body gets surprised by the feel of the cold, which will send your arteries in a rush. This will then result to efficient blood pumping for a healthier heart.

Protects Skin – Cold water tightens pores and cuticles, keeping your skin and scalp protected from germs and bacteria.

Keeps Hair Healthy – Cold showers can also help keep your hair healthy as cold water makes it stronger and shinier by preventing the natural oils from being stripped off.

Muscle Recovery – Cold showers are best after an intense workout. Not only does it let you cool off but it will also benefit your muscles and reduce the soreness.

Toughens Your Immune System – Getting cold showers lowers your blood pressure, which in turn will clear blocked arteries and improve the functions of your immune system.

Source: Angies List

Detoxification – Cold water promotes proper lymphatic movement and this helps because the lymphatic system functions by eliminating waste from our cells.

Reduce Stress For Better Sleep – As with hot showers, cold showers can also reduce stress so it can help you sleep better. Cold water also tends to improve one’s willpower tolerance to disease and stress.

Relief from Depression – The cold water sends a shock to your body, which then sends electric signals to the brain. This triggers the serotonin neurotransmitter which then regulates the mood.

Improves Production of Sex Hormones – Studies have proven that cold water can boost sperm cell count and the levels of testosterone in the body.

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