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18 Horrible Bald Head Tattoos That Are Better Off Covered





For many men, losing hair is considered as an embarrassing thing. Most men do not like the idea of going bald – and yet there are those brave ones who embrace it and flaunt it like it’s no big deal at all.

In this photo compilation though, we’ll share with you a few bald men who made terrible choices in their quest to look ‘cooler.’ Sure, getting inked on your head might sound like a badass solution but as you will see on these poor examples, it all depends on what kind of tattoo you decide to get in the first place.

Go check out the cringe-worthy images below and see for yourself:

#1. This man is literally “two-faced”…

#2. A bit strange for a tattoo choice, yes, plus the spelling is incorrect!

#3. He’s probably a Louis Vuitton fan.

#4. I’m shell shocked!

#5. Dude! Don’t let that goat eat your remaining hair.

#6. Zip it up!

#7. This one’s truly creepy.

#8. A literal egg head!

#9. Scary skull face tattoo on a shiny head? Sure.

#10. He’s got a brick wall for his skull.

#11. Good luck getting a decent job with this type of tattoo.

#12. He must be a bowling fan – and people probably grab his head from time to time.

#13. Not only does he have a second face – he also has an extra moustache.

#14. Evil eyes with an unsettling skin crease that looks like a grimace.

#15. Cool optical illusion but having this tattoo can easily get annoying, I would imagine.

#16. Time for another haircut!

#17. Mowing the head.

#18. Ryu of Street Fighter. Maybe Ken is on the other side of this guy’s head?

Sure, tattoos can be great as a form of self-expression but when you choose to get inked, make sure you pick something you wouldn’t regret later on. Or you risk becoming the laughing stock of the gang!

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