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When a Homeless Person Fell Down, Nobody Helped Him. Until Finally… it was Heartbreaking!





One sad reality about people’s behavior is that they judge others by how they look and their outside appearance.

To validate such statement, Model Pranksters created a social experiment about the effect of appearance on the way people treat others.

The video showed two different situation where a man on crutches was dressed like a professional and the one is dressed as a homeless person. You would observe that the people reacted as fast as they could to help and assist the successful-looking man to his feet after he “fell down”. Unfortunately, when the same experiment was done with the homeless man, the result was exactly the opposite. People were just watching as the homeless man struggled to stand up on his feet. But what’s more heartbreaking about the result of the test was the unexpected person who wholeheartedly helped the homeless man. Who it was? Watch the video.

Watch the Heartbreaking video!

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Hopefully, this video will become an eye opener for all of us. This is a great reminder that we should never choose who to help no matter how they look like.

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