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Real Life Hobbit House With Gorgeous Sea View

People say this house offers “a little piece of heaven.”






JRR Tolkien fans thirsting for an experience in a Hobbit house can always go to New Zealand’s Hobbiton. However, you can’t get inside the adorable houses or even stay overnight. There’s a fix for that — Northshire in North Yorkshire.

Thirty-seven-year-old Carol Cavendish first welcomed guests to her Hobbit house three years ago. Since then, more people are flocking this holiday home, not only for its Lord of the Rings vibe but also because it offers a stunning view of the sea.

Carol and her 32-year-old husband, Karl, built the holiday home together.

You can stay in this cozy home for £200 (about $272) a night.

This Hobbit house has already welcomed vacationers from New York and New Zealand.

Check out this bed.

This is your next dreamy home away from home.

Tolkien fanatics will definitely love this place, which, by the way, has round stained glass windows. Overall, Carol has done a fantastic job with the interior design. That’s not just the awesome part. Carol revealed that they plan to build 19 more Hobbit houses on the property.

The entrepreneur is not stopping at LOTR-themed houses. Harry Potter-themed holiday homes are also being planned. There’s even a plan to build The Great Hall and Hagrid’s house.

“The plan is to build 19 more Hobbit houses and a range of Harry Potter themed rooms and houses for guests to stay in. We have seen huge demand to stay in the properties. People have told me it is a “little piece of heaven” and we often get comments which say it is like stepping away from reality.”

You’ll understand why this holiday home is described by tourists as a “little piece of heaven.”

This love for all things fantasy-related is brought about by Carol’s unhappy childhood.

She shared that she was a dyslexic when she was a child. She ended up reading fantasy books and fairy tales to remedy her dyslexia. She’s always been a fan of those kinds of stories.

“As a child I saw the characters as my friends. ‘I absolutely love what I do and what we offer. Money is a great side effect but for me, it is all about fulfilling dreams.”

Carol’s fantasy homes are not only limited to Britain.

She hopes to build them in New Zealand.

Would you stay in this holiday home? Let us know what you think about this Hobbit house by hitting the comments section below.


Air Asia Tagged As Worst Airline After Reports Of Excess Baggage ‘Scam’

Have you had a similar experience?




Malaysian budget airline Air Asia is under fire after a Facebook rant from a disgruntled passenger went viral. Facebook user Claudette Cirujales Cledera recently posted a lengthy post retelling her bad experience with the airline's staff at Puerto Princesa airport in the Philippines.

Cledera was complaining about the airline's baggage handling and a possible issue with their weighing scales. According to the passenger, she was about to pass through the boarding gates with some of her family members when the security guard grabbed her bag, weighed it without permission, and said it was over the weight limit.

Cledera was surprised to see her bag weigh over seven kilos, which is the limit for hand-carried bags for AirAsia.

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Kim Jong-Un Had A Water Park Built And Only North Korea’s Elite Can Afford to Enjoy It

There’s a hair salon that provides just the 28 hairstyles that the state approved.




The typical person will imagine North Korea as a dark and forbidding place where people are starving and the military controls everything. Who would imagine that a water park will exist in the hermit state? Believe it or not, the country's supreme leader Kim Jong-un actually had one built in the heart of the capital Pyongyang but it's so expensive only the elite can afford to enter it.

The Munsu Water Park definitely looks a bit out of place in the grim confines of North Korea, if you believe what this pictures show you.

Locals and tourists are seen having fun inside the 37-acre park.

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The Stunning IceHotel in Sweden Used 30,000 Cubic Meters of Snow and Ice This Year

The IceHotel opens every winter and features different jaw-dropping designs that will put the Ice Palace in that James Bond movie to shame.




The IceHotel in Sweden was first built in 1989 and has been rebuilt annually since then. It's located in the village of Jukkasjarvi, 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle and next to the shores of the Torne River. It opens every winter and features different jaw-dropping designs that will put the Ice Palace in that James Bond movie to shame.

This year is the hotel's 28th version and a total of 36 artists from 17 countries worked on it. 30,000 cubic meters of snow and ice were used to construct the hotel. 500 tonnes of clear natural ice was used to make the glasses and the ice bar.

The IceHotel opened on December 15 and features 35 deluxe suites, each with unique designs.

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