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His Mother Made His Dinner into a Smiley Face but It’s Just Too Cute for Him to Eat

Watch how adorable he is when he saw his food too cute for him to eat!


Sometimes toddlers are hard to feed, their appetite is unpredictable that’s why most parents research about creative ways to help their children eat healthy.

Parents at time offer their children their favourite food, or they let them choose which food they prefer, sometimes they also make sure that the food presentation is nice and creative.

Kids prefer lots of choices and colors in their plates. Food that looks visually presentable is more appealing, fascinating and “tastier” for toddlers.

Many moms cook and prepare food that looks like a smiley face, bear, heart, animals, balls and many cute designs as these let the kids sit quietly and focus on their food.

If this is the best way to make your toddler eat healthy and consume the right amount of food, then parents would continue doing this fun way of cooking.

A boy was crying because he couldn’t eat the food his mom prepared for him as it was too cute for him to eat.


In the video, a mom made a cute smiley face for his son to enjoy dinner but unexpectedly, this boy erupted in tears when he saw it because according to him, it was too cute for him to eat.

He even told her mom to never make food that is too cute so it won’t be hard for him to eat it. His mom asks him to take a bite and told him that it’s okay to eat it but his reaction was priceless as he kept on saying no, no, no he really couldn’t eat it.

Poor little boy, he looks so problematic and guilty; he couldn’t touch and take a first bite at his cute smiley dinner.

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There’s a new study that says putting smiley face emoticons on food will make your children eat healthy as they will make good choices such as eating fruits, vegetables and other food with this emoticon but perhaps this little boy is an exemption to this. Next time, his mom will make food with no art, because he eats more when the food is not “too cute”, he’s really so adorable!

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