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25 of the Most Hilarious Sibling Photo Recreations Ever

#4 nailed it!


Having siblings and growing up together are among the most beautiful things that can ever happen to us. We may miss a few years of being together, like when a brother or a sister goes away to attend college or to live abroad. However, the beautiful bond remains and the moment that we meet again, it’s like there were no years lost and we are transported back to the time when we were still kids and played with mud.

Now, surely, we have loads of childhood photos to document those “mud-playing days,” and those photos tell golden stories about our past adventures, antics, hilarious moments, dorky hairstyles, and funny facial expressions. Yeah, we get it, we all gush and go “awwww” on those baby pictures, but being babies and kids sure make us look cute in those photos. But how will those pictures look like if adults recreate them?

Take a look at this compilation of photos and see how these siblings creatively recreated their hilarious childhood pictures:

1. From sweet and innocent to burly.

Source: Tumblr
2. “Made my mom laugh more than I’ve ever seen! (18 years recreation)”

3. They recreated this photo 20 years after for their father’s birthday. They kind of grew up.

4. When it’s shower time.

5. Yes, they did that thing.

6. A photo recreation of a guy, his brother, and two cousins.

7. Cornholio!

8. Such effort for the clothes.

Source: Imgur
9. “It’s unexplainable how much effort and commitment went into this photo remake of me and my brother.”

10. Should’ve shaved the legs, though.

Source: Imgur
11. Oops, it broke!

12. “11 years later: Burger King still sucks and my only friends are f*cking weird.”

13. “We did that thing.”

14. A few years later…

15. “After a blip in the 1970s, at least our sense of style improved.”

16. Awesome facial expressions!

Source: boredpanda
17. Great effort with the box!

Source: Imgur
18. More than 20 years later and they’re still a bunch of dirty boys.

19. Photo taken 10 years apart. It’s a struggle to understand, though.

20. Twenty years later, their sizes have changed.

21. That rictal smile, though.

22. Woah, Daddy is strong!

Source: boredpanda
23. These guys got good genes!

24. About 16 years later…

25. They did it again.


Netizens Are Trolling United Airlines With Savage New Slogans

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The disturbing incident occurred on Flight 3411 while it was preparing for take-off at the Chicago O’Hare airport. Why did it happen in the first place? Well apparently, the airline overbooked and so they had to remove passengers to give way for their employees.Then they picked David Dao, who is apparently a doctor, and pulled him from his seat, unconscious and with a bloodied mouth after he hit his head while being manhandled on the said plane.

As anyone can imagine, what eventually followed is a PR nightmare for United Airlines as many netizens bashed them for their unfair and illegal treatment of the passenger – especially since they were obviously at fault. Some customers even went as far as saying that they will never fly with the airline ever again.

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Of course, that is usually easier said than done.

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