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Top 10 Countries That Pay the Highest Minimum Wages

#5. France ($8.24 per hour)


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People who work legally in France receive about $8.24 for every hour they work. They are ranked 5th among the countries that give the highest minimum wage.

#4. Ireland ($8.46 per hour)


Irish workers earn about $8.46 every hour for working a maximum of 39 hours every week. That’s $17,732 annually. That’s definitely not a bad thing!

#3. Belgium ($8.57 per hour)


Photo credit: Brussels Info

Belgium pays $8.57 so that’s about $17,962 annually for a 38-hour work week. That’s the lowest legal workers can get and they are entitled to social benefits a few years after they start working.

#2. Luxembourg ($9.24 per hour)


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Luxembourg pays its legal workers at $9.24 per hour. If you do the math, you get around $19,367 annually. The country really is a prominent financial center!

#1. Australia ($9.54 per hour)

Sydney Australia city waterfront wallpaper

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At $9.54 per hour, the people down under gets the highest minimum wage which adds up to $20,000 annually. No wonder many immigrants prefer heading to this country than any other.

How about your country? Are you satisfied with the wage you receive? Leave a comment below.

H/T: CNN Money, Fortune Hub

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