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25 Maps That Are So Bad They’re Actually Good

I chuckled in #14.






For those who grew up pre-internet, you have definitely spent a lot of time exploring maps, be it for homework, personal knowledge, or simply out of boredom. You were memorizing countries, their capital cities, rivers, mountain ranges, flags, and dreaming of visiting them all.

However, now that you’re older and wiser, you realized that all these maps that you have spent countless hours looking at were not useful like you thought. Some are so hard to understand, and some don’t even make sense at all. Here are 25 terrible maps that are so bad they’re good.

1. After the flat earth theory, comes the cat earth theory.

2. I’m confused.

3. “Drug dealer park.” Lol.

4. I guess it’s safe to say that pubs are everywhere in the UK.

5. I can’t read any of these places. Am I dyslexic now?

6. Is that a cloud of smoke? A cotton ball? Or a speech bubble?

7. “You can’t swim with us.”

8. “Noland.” Enough said.

9. Amazingly comprehensive map of every country in the world that uses the Mmddyyyy format.

10. Looks like the Matrix.

11. Well. That explains a lot.

12. It’s in the Goldilocks zone.

13. Artistic. But, why?

14. I must admit this is quite smart and funny.

15. How can they be so sure?

16. False! There should be way more fast food signs.

17. There is one missing.

18. I guess this is self-explanatory.

19. Same goes to 1508.

20. I suddenly want to own a Kangaroo.

21. And people from London.

22. Looks like something you pulled out of the shower drain.

23. They seem to enjoy making fun of how tiny Switzerland is.

24. Seems like there would be a fair share of swimming involved as well.

25. That is a big Brexit.

Many maps are static, fixed to paper or some other durable medium, while others are dynamic or interactive. But living in a world of social media, maps are now available online, which is why we get to see these terrible ones without going to the library.

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