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He Placed A Hidden Camera In His Mom’s Room At An Elderly Facility. What He Saw? Heinous!

They thought no one can see them, but EVERYTHING was caught on cam. Shameless caretakers!

Inah Garcia





Our parents are the most important persons in our lives. They are the ones who raised us, thought us most of what we know, and nurtured us. Nothing can ever beat the love of our parents. But as time advances, most people enroll their parents in elder care institutions, hoping they could get the best care for them – professional, warm and dignified. This is inevitable, especially in today’s world where no one really stays at home to take care of them, as everyone’s sweating buckets at work.

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A man named Camille Parent thought he made the right decision to enroll his mom in an elderly care facility. But then her mother sustained bruises and injuries during her stay and he believed that this was enacted by the other elderly residents in the institution. Little did he know that they were just a part and parcel of the abuse.

He then placed a hidden camera in his mother’s room at the said facility. He was shocked to find that aside from the residents, the caretakers themselves blatantly abused, neglected and HARMED her mother in the video. It was truly shocking and this revelation has left us disgraced. What do you think of caretakers putting feces in your mother’s mouth? Shameful, isn’t? Well, that is just a part of what was caught on cam.

Parent took action and showed the video to the CEO of the health care facility. We can tell that he himself was as shocked as we was. He immediately said that this incident is totally unacceptable and that he will take action to not let this happen ever again.

Watch the video here:

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What do you think of this story? We can’t blame you if you are furious right now – that was how we felt when first saw the clip too! Let us know of your reactions in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

Credits: Everyone Matters via SF Globe

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She Bashed a Prom Proposal Written as Street Signs. Seconds Later? She Was Crying Buckets!

This girl wrecked what could have been the sweetest prom proposal ever!

Inah Garcia



The prom is one of the most anticipated events in anyone's young life. This is the opportunity to dress up, hang out with friends, and finally ask your crush to a date. Some young lads have very creative ways of asking their possible dates to the prom. We saw one video that has a great potential of being a really sweet "promprosal". However, it did not go as expected as the girl blurted out fairly harsh comments without knowing that the proposal was for her.

As the couple drove along the streets, they saw road signs with the words of the prom invite. Watch how the girl reacted as she read through the signs, and how she immediately cried due to regret after.

The entire event was caught in this video.

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Boy With a Rare Disease Found a Best Friend in an Abused Tail-less Dog With Only Three Legs.

Owen and Haatchi may seem like your typical boy and dog, but their friendship? It seems sent from above.

Inah Garcia



Life can sometimes be unfair, throwing heartbreaking things at us like a physical disability, a family heartbreak, and a career meltdown. It tends to keep us in the dark and shy us away from society, as we are afraid to be rejected. But more often than not, a spark of hope almost always comes our way, giving light to our problems. This is what exactly happened to best friends, Owen and Haatchi.

Owen is a 9 year old boy from England, who was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disorder called Schwartz-Jampel syndrome. His disorder causes him to look like a little bodybuilder who constantly experiences muscle contractions and severe muscle pains. He has been bound to a wheelchair, resulting in feelings of insecurity and loneliness.

Haatchi is a poor dog who was tied to the train tracks and left to die. He was rescued by the railway personnel but they had to amputate his tail and one leg due to severe injury. He was also scheduled to be euthanized, but he survived well after the surgery.

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This Teacher Asked Her Students a Simple Question and Their Answers Were an Eye-Opener

She learned about the difficulties and problems her young students face when they answered her simple question.

Ann Moises



Children are simply amazing. They are innocent, honest, open-minded, and creative that's why I often wonder what goes on in their little heads. I also often wish that they wouldn't have to be corrupted with the bad and ugly truth that's been happening in this world.

Unfortunately,  there are children who are forced to grow up and see how difficult life is at such an early age instead of just enjoying a carefree life running around, playing, and exploring. That's what prompted Kyle Schwartz to ask her young students about their lives, but this teacher used a unique and simple method that enabled her students to open up to her.

Kyle Schwartz is an elementary school teacher in Denver. She handles students in the third grade, who, sadly, come from underprivileged families. Ms. Schwartz wanted to find out more about her students' struggles and concerns so she devised a lesson plan called "I Wish My Teacher Knew".

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