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He Placed A Hidden Camera In His Mom’s Room At An Elderly Facility. What He Saw? Heinous!





Our parents are the most important persons in our lives. They are the ones who raised us, thought us most of what we know, and nurtured us. Nothing can ever beat the love of our parents. But as time advances, most people enroll their parents in elder care institutions, hoping they could get the best care for them – professional, warm and dignified. This is inevitable, especially in today’s world where no one really stays at home to take care of them, as everyone’s sweating buckets at work.

A man named Camille Parent thought he made the right decision to enroll his mom in an elderly care facility. But then her mother sustained bruises and injuries during her stay and he believed that this was enacted by the other elderly residents in the institution. Little did he know that they were just a part and parcel of the abuse.

He then placed a hidden camera in his mother’s room at the said facility. He was shocked to find that aside from the residents, the caretakers themselves blatantly abused, neglected and HARMED her mother in the video. It was truly shocking and this revelation has left us disgraced. What do you think of caretakers putting feces in your mother’s mouth? Shameful, isn’t? Well, that is just a part of what was caught on cam.

Parent took action and showed the video to the CEO of the health care facility. We can tell that he himself was as shocked as we was. He immediately said that this incident is totally unacceptable and that he will take action to not let this happen ever again.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: Everyone Matters via SF Globe

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