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Heroic Dog Spends A Week Watching Over Trapped ‘Best Friend’ Until Help Comes

Carey was so amazed that Tillie stayed beside the ravine, watching Phoebe the whole time she got stuck. She can’t believe that a dog would do that.


A golden retriever named Tillie was caught guarding the basset hound Phoebe for an entire week at a cistern where Phoebe fell. Everyone in town is hailing the dog a hero and calling the two “best friends.”

The canine pair was reported to have strayed from their home at Vashon Island in Washington State.

Their owner B.J. Duft told ABC News that the two dogs escaped out the front door that was left open on September 7. It was easy to miss the escape because there was a party in the house that time, and people are going in and out the door.

Dust said that the two are so attached with each other.

“Tillie would never leave even if the gate was left open, but she’s best friends with Phoebe, and so when Phoebe follows her little Basset Hound nose, Tillie always goes with her to make sure she’s OK,” Duft said.

“They’re best pals — inseparable,” Duft emphasized.



The pals had been missing for a week when Vashon Island Pet Protectors’ officer Amy Carey got a tip about the lost dogs.

Carey told ABC News that the caller said that Tillie was spotted to be going back and forth around the trail, trying to help Phoebe who was stuck in a hole.

“A community member said he saw a dog for the past few days coming up to his property, come up near him but not all the way, and then go back down a trail to a ravine behind the house. It turned out the the dog was Tillie trying to get help for Phoebe, who had gotten stuck,” Carey said.

At least, her best friend never left her.

dog pals 2

Carey was so amazed that Tillie stayed beside the ravine, watching Phoebe the whole time she got stuck. She can’t believe that a dog would do that.

Watch the video:

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The reunion was filled with tears of joy.

The owner already bought the two a GPS dog collar.


Clever Raccoon Discovers The Most Annoying Way To Get Food From Humans

Meet Rocksy, the clever, rock-knocking raccoon.

We can always find a raccoon in our backyard waiting for food or a chance to get fed. They may not be domesticated and they are not popular as pets, but these cute creatures are surely clever.

They actually look like masked bandits, and they actually live up to that. They hunt for food wherever and whenever they have a chance. They use their senses to hunt for food and their paws to move things around them. They can even open a garbage can just to scavenge left-over food.

But there's one raccoon that isn't just cute or clever. Rocksy the Raccoon is even demanding! You see, he uses this special weapon and won't stop knocking on Zoosie's window until he gets what he wants.

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Park Ranger Comforts A Sad Gorilla That Had Just Lost its Mother

This photo indeed captures a thousand words and a bucket full of emotions!

Gorillas and other animals have the forest and the wild as their natural habitats. It is where they live, thrive and settle as families. Just like humans, animals also have a sense of belonging and can get cut too deep when it is separated from its families or group of species.

In this heartbreaking photo we found, a park ranger was captured sitting alongside a baby gorilla that had just lost its mother to poachers. Ranger Patrick Karabaranga from the Virunga National Park in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo was seen wrapping his arms around the gorilla's shoulder as if trying to comfort the animal after the sorrowful incident. In turn, the gorilla seems to respond with the empathy by putting its hand on Patrick's leg.

Here is the photo:


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Teen Saves Bright Pink Kitten Locked in a Hot Cage

Do you think these animals deserve to be treated this way?


A teenage boy was shocked to find a poor kitten dyed in a shocking shade of pink displayed at Isa Town Market in Bahrain.

Bilal Aslam, a 17-year-old boy, decided to take action and save the poor kitty from its horrible living situation. Aside from its unusual coloring, the feline he  nicknamed “Pinky” was left with very little food and water and was locked in a hot cage.

Determined to make the world aware of such animal cruelty, Aslam decided to a post photos of Pinky on Facebook trigerring public outrage. Luckily, the disturbing photos reached animal charity SCPA , which quickly responded to save the abused cat.

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