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Man’s Heartwarming Tribute for Late Wife Depicts His Unwavering Love for Her

This love museum tribute of a man to his beloved late wife will hit you right in the feels.


There are stories, songs and memories that often remind us about love. Now just in time for the hearts season, this story is one of the few that captures the beauty of true love and depicts the enduring love of a man to his wife.

Charles “LaLa” Evans made the most romantic and heartwarming tribute dedicated to his beloved wife, Louise. The couple used to talk about creating a museum of their love (from high school sweethearts to being married for decades.) But the inevitable happened when Louise passed away in 2011 just before their 60th wedding anniversary. LaLa knew right then that he had to pursue the project for Ms. Lou.

Months after her passing, he transformed their home to a museum, a tangible representation of their decades-long love story which he named “LaLa and Louise Land.”

“On any given day I look out at any umbrella and see her smiling at me,” LaLa said.


From hanging thousands of photos, displaying videos of Louise including theirs, an umbrella garden to every bit of memorabilia they treasured for years and all the happy times they shared as a couple all present in the love museum.

“Every Sunday, before or after church, she’d have me take her picture. And that’s how the collection grew, so much memorabilia and pictures and everything.”


“It’s a treasure for me to let other people see what we tried to do,” LaLa said.

LaLa’s moving tribute became popular in his native Starkville, Mississippi, and he even appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about their love. This has also inspired the Mutemath band to feature their story in their latest music video aptly titled “Monument.” The short film beautifully captures the relationship of the two for decades including the unwavering love of a man to a woman.

Watch the heartwarming music video below:

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In another equally moving video, LaLa reveals his wife’s touching last words before she died including how he finds the “Monument” music video specially dedicated to her.

Prepare some tissues for this one.

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“We actually had fifty-nine years and eleven months. The last thing she told me? ‘I love you.’ Yeah, that was beautiful,” he said.

LaLa has something to say about love too. ( Take note of these all of you.)

“I tell people, ‘put that lady first!'” LaLa laughs. “They’ll be some ups and downs, but work hard at it.”

“It’s all about love, that’s the key.”

Let’s make a monument for our love. (Singing)

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Source: Cosmopolitan



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