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Heartbreaking Moment Ex-Lovers Meet For the First Time After 30 Years

This is so very powerful and touching. Silence speaks when words can’t…

Inah Garcia





Love is the most complicated thing in the world. Artists are the most eccentric people. So when artists fall in love, the passion must be special, beautiful and somewhat melodramatic. With feelings so strong and minds dazed, we guess their love stories are the greatest.

Meet artist Marina Abramovic. In the 1970s, Marina and her then boyfriend named Ulay broke up. But even until the very end of the relationship, they chose to do it in an interesting fashion, just like true artists.

They went to the opposite ends of the Great Wall of China and walk towards each other, 2500 km each over a period of three months. When they finally met in the middle, they gave each other one last embrace and parted ways. They never saw each other again after that.

More than 30 years later, Marina held a live art performance called ‘The Artist Is Present’. She spent one minute in silence with complete strangers. They just stared at each other, probably getting inspiration or energy of some sort.

But one particular man seemed to have captured Marina’s attention in a more special way because her reaction was different from the others. It turned out that the man was Ulay. It was their first time to see each other after more than 30 years, and the moment was so emotional and beautiful.

Watch the video here:

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Love is the most wonderful thing in the world and even if some relationships don’t last and the feelings fade, the memories still remain. We shall keep it in our hearts and minds forever.

Even though Marina and Ulay just stood there without saying a word, we are sure that they were able to speak with each other through their hearts. This is such a beautiful story!

Memorable old videos of Marina and Ulay:

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Performance Artist Stood Still For 6 Hours to Let People Do What They Wanted to Her Body

Yugoslavian performance artist Marina Abramovic dared to conduct a terrifying experiment to examine how people think.

Many of us know Yugoslavian performance artist Marina Abramovic through the video of her painfully silent reunion with her former lover Frank Uwe “Ulay” Laysiepen.

Many people have hailed Abramovic as the “grandmother of performance art.” After all, she has been staging thought-provoking interactive installations for more than 40 years.

Indeed, it can’t be denied that her performances have a lasting impact. In fact, one of her earliest performances is still being talked about today. Abramovic staged a performance piece called “Rhythm 0” at Studio Morra in Naples, Italy.

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Old Man Recounts How A “Missed Connection” Changed His Life 45 Years Ago

“When I reached the stools, you were gone. No phone number. No note. Nothing… I was devastated. I went back every day for a year, but I never saw you again.”

Each person we meet in our lives has a purpose to fulfill. They may love us or hurt us, but in the end, what matters most is that we learn from them. We take those experiences as lessons that can help us get through life.

Some people stay with us for years while some leave as quickly as they arrived. We may not immediately understand the reason why, but in time, God will enlighten our minds and tell us why some events, no matter how painful or regretful, has to happen.

This man’s post on Craiglist’s “Missed Connections” is a perfect example of why we meet the people we meet at a particular time. He is a man from Boston, Massachusetts who had a brief encounter with a woman on New Year’s Eve in 1972. After 43 years, he gave her this message:

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This Poor Man Was Rejected by A Rich Man’s Daughter. 10 Years Later, They Meet Again

The ending of the story is totally unexpected but it will give you a valuable lesson in life.

What are the qualities that you look for in a partner? When I was younger, I preferred good-looking and funny men. But as I got older, men who were smart, understanding, and responsible became more attractive for me. I developed this preference because I wanted a loving husband who my future kids could look up to. However, there’s no denying that there are some women who prioritize something else when looking for an ideal partner – those who look for men who can give them anything and everything they want. Because of this, they tend to check the contents of a man’s bank account first before knowing their personality and character.

Such is the case of a popular story circulating online about a man rejected by a rich man’s daughter because he didn’t make enough money to support her lavish lifestyle. Ten years later, the two accidentally bumped into each other. The ending of the story is absolutely unexpected but it will give you a valuable lesson in life.

Read the one-of-a-kind love story below.


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