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Heartless Serial Killer Showed No Remorse Until An Old Man Said Some Powerful Words





It is not easy to understand one man who murdered as many as 60 women and yet remain unremorseful while their families and relatives talk about how they feel regarding the victims deaths.

The man who did these gruesome acts is Gary Leon Ridgway. He was raised in Salt Lake City but chose to live most of his life in the state of Utah. He was married thrice. Ridgway was also called as “The Green River Killer” because some of the bodies of his first victims were found along the area.

According to research, victims of Ridgway continue to turn up since this video was taken, however, he only pleaded guilty to the murders of 48 women who disappeared along Route 99, South King County, Washington. These horrible acts make him the biggest serial killer in the U.S history.

In the episode of “Gary Ridgway Biography” which was showed on Bio, it was revealed that the serial killer has performed several of the most terrible slayings ever heard. According to his biography, he began his atrocious acts in 1982 when he abducted prostitutes and teenage runaways, brought most of them to his home, strangled them and left them in distant, woodsy areas. Notwithstanding the fact that he has three marriages and practiced his faith religiously, he continued to seek the companionship of prostituted women.

Watch the Touching Video:

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In the video, you will see a footage of Ridgway’s trial where he admitted his guilt on 48 counts of murder. During one of the trials, families and relatives of the victims were given an opportunity to express their feelings and grief. Ridgway, the cold-hearted serial killer showed little to no emotion until there was an elderly man who surprised everyone when he spoke on the podium. What did he say? He expressed his forgiveness for Ridgway. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to forgive someone like Ridgway for taking away a loved one in such a brutal way. Forgiveness is truly a very powerful thing.

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