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Random Stranger Offered $10,000 For His Girlfriend, Watch This Couple’s Reaction

Would you do the same to your girlfriend?

If you were suddenly approached by a man proposing to buy your girlfriend outright for $10,000, will you agree?

This was the dilemma posed by a social experiment conducted by YesFunnyYes. An unsuspecting man walking in the streets with his girlfriend was approached by one of the team members, asking how much his girlfriend was worth. The man immediately responded, saying his girlfriend was not for sale. When he was offered 10,000 US dollars for an hour with his girlfriend, though, the mood suddenly changed.

Watch the interesting turn of events in the video below:

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If you were the boyfriend in this video, would you do the same thing? Or what if you were the girlfriend, how would you feel? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



Man Blows Up His Own Son in What May be The Most Morbid Prank Ever

Yes, you read that right – blowing up his own son.


Pranks are really funny and amusing to watch, especially when you see how much the victim gets trolled. However, some pranksters never know when a prank goes way too far. For the sake of comedic relief, some do not think twice about the consequences of their tricks.

Case in point: this guy Roman Atwood. Roman is known for his over-the-top controversial pranks. From sex tape pranks to car bomb pranks to blowing up his own son. Yes, you read that right - blowing up his own son.

The video you are about to see may be too sensitive for some of our readers, so please watch it at your own discretion....

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Sister Plays Scary Clown Prank On Her Unsuspecting Brother

When’s the perfect time to scare someone? When that guy’s about to pee!

Let’s all face it: clowns really have that creepy vibe.

Sure, these colorful smiling jesters who usually employ slapstick comedy are mainly created to entertain children. But still, there’s no denying that they actually look scarier the longer you stare at them.

Perhaps that is the reason why some creative authors, actors, and artists have turned to clowns to come up with the most sinister of characters. ...

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Blind Man Asks Strangers to Check His Winning Lottery Ticket To Test People’s Honesty

We can never measure another person’s honesty and integrity with the amount of money he has in his wallet.


Our honesty and integrity are tested most when nobody is looking. What we do when no one is around to judge or punish us will reveal the kind of a person we truly are.

Some people say that given the chance, human beings tend to take things that are not even theirs. Francis Bacon said, “Opportunity makes the thief.”

How true do you think this is? ...

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