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Guy Travels 2,400km to Surprise Girlfriend, He Catches Her Cheating Instead

The poor guy just wanted to surprise his girl.

  • A Twitter post recently went viral. The tweet showed photos of a guy wearing a bear mascot costume.
  • As it turns out, the guy traveled 2,400 km to surprise his girlfriend.
  • He ended up catching her with someone else.

A true romantic will always do anything do make his partner happy. He will think of ways, whether big or small, to make his woman smile.

Take it from this guy who took the time and effort to travel 2,400km to see his beloved girlfriend. To add to that, he donned a cute teddy bear mascot costume so he can surprise her.

Unknown to him, he has no idea he’s going to be the one ending up getting surprised more – but not in a good way.

In a viral post on Twitter, we see the photos of this poor fellow, wearing the bear costume while looking at a couple.

Obviously heartbroken, he proceeded to remove the bear head and reveal his identity, much to his girlfriend’s shock.

As it turns out, bear boy and cheater girl are (or were!) in a long distance relationship and reports tell us that he traveled more than 2,400km to see her.

He wasted no time and immediately walked away, wearing the bear head again. The girl, on the other hand, can be seen rushing after him and embracing him afterwards. We can all assume she’s probably saying sorry and begging for his forgiveness.

The photos immediately gained a lot of attention on social media and, as with all things viral, numerous netizens left comments and a huge majority are suggesting that the guy “dump that cheater asap”.

As of this writing, we do not know the couple’s names or the specific location where the incident happened. We can only tell from the pictures that this is in China.


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