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Guy Slaps Bridal Bouquet Away from Girlfriend, Her Reaction is Hilarious!





Every single lady dreams of a wedding. Every single lady who attends a wedding fantasizes of becoming next in line. It’s every girl’s dream. However, it’s not the same for guys. They usually dread that big day!

Every wedding single guys attend to are like being on a hot seat. While girls smile at the question of when they plan to marry, guys manage to steer away from any question that is wedding related. But girls cannot help it, they all dream of a Disney wedding!

Just like this lady from Cape Town, South Africa, you would think she was so eager to get married as her face lit up when the bridal bouquet was thrown at her. But, her smile turned upside down as her boyfriend swooped in to slap the bouquet away from her. It was a perfect picture of how guys and girls view a wedding!

Watch the couple here and laugh hysterically at the guy’s antics. We’re sure their wedding isn’t any soon!

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H/T: Distractify

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