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Guy Gets Note With Two Different Phone Numbers And The Internet Is Loving It





What would you do if you get a note from a secret admirer? It’s certainly a thrilling surprise. However, one guy got a message that included two different phone numbers. What he did next has the internet rooting for him.

Twitter user @cocdycy found himself in an interesting situation. The young man was just hanging out when he was handed a note. The message came from two secret admirers who thought he was cute but were unsure about his sexual orientation. Nevertheless, they decided to give him both of their phone numbers.

Who wouldn’t love to get a note like this?

Needless to say, the internet loved the admirers’ clever idea of trying their luck with just one message. Some even hoped that Cody would contact both phone numbers because, well, the more, the merrier.

Netizens didn’t have to wait long to get an answer. Cody confirmed that he texted the bottom number and they quickly made plans for their first date.

Cody posted updates about his preparation for the date. Although they didn’t immediately agree on what movie to watch, they made a decision while having sushi. Cody even posted an awesome photo with his now-famous admirer.

Cody and his new friend.

The internet was clearly pleased with Cody’s decision to be true and choose the right number to text. The two have even arranged for a second date and netizens are hoping to get more updates on the development.

It was also revealed that Cody’s mother had seen how the simple note had become famous on Twitter. He admits that his mom is cool with the date as well.

The adorable story is certainly proof that the world couldn’t resist a feel-good tale. We’re hoping that Cody and his new friend will continue to see each other and prove that even a simple note can make the whole world smile. Read the entire thread here.

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