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Guy ‘Accidentally’ Drops His Wallet to Test if People Are HONEST





One of the greatest challenges that we are facing not only to ourselves but also to our present society in general, is to convince ourselves and everyone around us the value of honesty. I am not sure if majority of people, nowadays, are still trustworthy and honest. I guess there might be, but I think there are only few of them.

You may be lucky if you have people around you who still lives by these values.  I am not really sure about it since people right now will really do everything just to get what they want. People tend to become self-centered and selfish if things will get rough.  Think about it, if you are in dire need and you have not eaten for days.  All of a sudden, in the midst of your uncertainties in life, you found a couple of bucks on the street.  Will you find the owner of the money and return it? Or you will keep it to yourself thinking that you need it the most compared to the other person who has lost it.  Regardless of your reason, it is still not yours.


A group of people made an experiment about it to check how people will react if they are faced with this formidable question – “Are you going to do the right thing or not?” The interesting part is that there are still many people who are truthful and somehow choose to do the right thing rather than satisfying themselves by doing the opposite.

Check out the video, you will find the result very interesting. Some parts are quite hilarious and shocking.

Watch the Video for the Truth!

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