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Gut-Wrenching Moment A Paraglider Drops His Phone While Taking Selfie from 2,500 Feet





Paragliders and other adrenaline junkies can sometimes do two mistakes when they go off on their adventures. First, they spend a lot of time taking selfie, thus they get so busy documenting the experience and neglect the chance to simply enjoy it.

The second mistake, of course, is buying a substandard selfie stick. I mean, come on! If you already decided that you’ll spend the whole time taking selfies, then you might as well be smart about it, right? Its really a good idea to invest in good gear!

Or you just might suffer the same fate as this poor paraglider.

Source: YouTube

Apparently, it all started okay. It was a great, sunny day and it was the perfect weather to go paragliding and enjoy the view.

The man, however, wanted to take a selfie.

Source: YouTube

He was successful in taking his selfie video for a few seconds. He took it from many angles, no doubt smiling from ear to ear.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t satisfied.

He brought the phone back and started fidgeting with the already frail looking selfie stick. Looking at the video below, it is impossible not to feel at the edge of your seat.

And then gravity took over.

Source: YouTube

The bracket of the selfie stick suddenly gave way, resulting to the phone toppling into the side of his leg and into the ground. Just imagine how high this man’s heart jumped!

Aaaw, that poor phone.

After watching the footage, I’m actually wishing for two things now.

I wish no one was hit by the phone when it dropped on the ground. Plus I wish that he was taking a livestream and the phone’s POV video would surface any day now. That would be really interesting to see, right?

You win, gravity.

Source: YouTube

Well, we should all let this serve as a lesson about taking selfies while paragliding and, of course, buying high quality selfie sticks.

Watch the video here and hold your breath:

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