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Gut-Wrenching Moment A Paraglider Drops His Phone While Taking Selfie from 2,500 Feet

You win, gravity!


Paragliders and other adrenaline junkies can sometimes do two mistakes when they go off on their adventures. First, they spend a lot of time taking selfie, thus they get so busy documenting the experience and neglect the chance to simply enjoy it.

The second mistake, of course, is buying a substandard selfie stick. I mean, come on! If you already decided that you’ll spend the whole time taking selfies, then you might as well be smart about it, right? Its really a good idea to invest in good gear!

Or you just might suffer the same fate as this poor paraglider.

Source: YouTube

Apparently, it all started okay. It was a great, sunny day and it was the perfect weather to go paragliding and enjoy the view.

The man, however, wanted to take a selfie.

Source: YouTube

He was successful in taking his selfie video for a few seconds. He took it from many angles, no doubt smiling from ear to ear.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t satisfied.

He brought the phone back and started fidgeting with the already frail looking selfie stick. Looking at the video below, it is impossible not to feel at the edge of your seat.

And then gravity took over.

Source: YouTube

The bracket of the selfie stick suddenly gave way, resulting to the phone toppling into the side of his leg and into the ground. Just imagine how high this man’s heart jumped!

Aaaw, that poor phone.

After watching the footage, I’m actually wishing for two things now.

I wish no one was hit by the phone when it dropped on the ground. Plus I wish that he was taking a livestream and the phone’s POV video would surface any day now. That would be really interesting to see, right?

You win, gravity.

Source: YouTube

Well, we should all let this serve as a lesson about taking selfies while paragliding and, of course, buying high quality selfie sticks.

Watch the video here and hold your breath:

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Poor 3-Year-Old Gets Both Legs Amputated After Being Badly Abused By His Evil Parents

“It was absolutely heartbreaking, I don’t think we’ve cried so many tears,” his adoptive mother said.

Despite his young age, it’s really hard to imagine the kind of tragedy 3-year-old boy Tony Smith had to go through because of his abusive parents. In fact, the little child had to have both of his legs amputated.

In a This Morning feature, we learn that Tony was merely 41 days old when he was violently swung around by his ankles. It resulted to him having a fracture as well as sepsis and multiple organ failure. He was rushed to a hospital and doctors thought he didn’t have a big chance of surviving.

Since he was little, Tony Smith has been physically abused by his parents.

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Holy Crab! Woman Claims God Answered Her Prayers Through A Horseshoe Crab Shell

For Christians, God is omnipresent after all!

A woman who has sought a sign from heaven believes that she has been guided in her decision to pursue what she wants in life. And how did she know that there was divine intervention in her decision? Well, she claims that God spoke to her through the shell of a horseshoe crab!

Photographer Cathy Rader of New Smyrna Beach, Florida quit her job so she could focus working on a photo book featuring her town. Unsure if she made the right decision, she prayed to God to give her a sign. She, however, never expected that God would reveal his answer in an unusual way: Through the shell of the horseshoe crab that was given to her.

After praying to God for guidance, Cathy Rader believes that this horseshoe crab has answered her questions.

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Saudi Arabia Fashion Show Uses Drones Instead of Models, Looks Like A Horror Movie Scene

Instead of being impressed, people ended up criticizing the bizarre show.

While innovation is good, it does not always fall in the good graces of the public. Case in point is the recent fashion show held in Saudi Arabia, wherein drones replaced traditional models walking down the ramp. Instead of wowing the audience though, the show was criticized for having left an impression that ghosts were modeling the fashion creations.

Far from the usual ones that feature statuesque and almost anorexic-looking women or men with towering heights and well-chiseled bodies, the recent fashion show in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was devoid of any model walking down the ramps and sashaying fashion creations. After all, the organizers of the show wanted to achieve something: Be different through innovation and to be appropriate for the holy month of Ramadan. Hence, instead of models, the show employed the use of drones to showcase the fashion goods.

The organizers of the fashion event spent much time and effort in planning the show.

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