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This Young Couple’s Travels and Adventures Will Make You Green with Envy!

This couple inspires people to live a life of passion and adventure.


“Where do you want to go next, baby?”

These are the sweet words spoken by extreme sportsman and photographer Jay Alvarrez when he asked his gorgeous, model, girlfriend Alexis Rene about their next trip.

Nearly two million people are “following” Jay and Alexis on Tumblr and Instagram, and I’m guessing that some are probably turning into green-eyed monsters whenever they see them post their stunning photos and videos online.

From their home in California to Hawaii and Indonesia, the young couple travel across the globe while taking spectacular pictures to document their adventures. And when Jay says “adventures”, he means adventures. Jay has pictures of himself cliff diving and parachute jumping from a hot air balloon and a helicopter. The couple also shares their sweet, intimate moments to their followers on the internet, since basically, Alexis is the subject of Jay’s photography.

Jay and Alex’s picture perfect shots look like they’ve been cut out straight from a magazine. But I think they represent more than that because some of their followers have been inspired by them to live a fuller, carefree life filled with passion and adventure.

Take a look at some of their sweet and awesome pictures below:

Meet Jay Alvarez, a sportsman and photographer.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
And his Girlfriend Alexis Rene, who happens to be a model.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
For Jay, the subject of his photos is always his beautiful girlfriend.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
The two enjoys a sunkissed life of beaches, surfing and travel.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
They travel across the globe, from California to Hawaii and Indonesia.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
Jay loves adventure sports such as parachuting out of helicopters.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
And jumping out of hot air balloons.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
They enjoy a carefree life on the beach.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
They climb mountains together.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
All the while looking like gorgeous Calvin Klein models.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
When this couple isn’t soaking up the sun at their home in California.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
…they’re going on grand adventures.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
Traveling all over the world together.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
This intimate couple proves love has no boundaries.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
That being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to tame your adventurous spirit.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
The experiences they share during their travels are priceless.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
And it bring them closer together.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
Whether these two are skydiving…


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
…hovering over beautiful cities.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
…catching a few waves.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
…climbing a few ocean-side cliffs.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
…or simply rolling around in the sand with man’s best friend.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
Their adventures look absolutely amazing.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
…and prove the best travel companion is your soulmate.


Photo credit: Jay Alvarrez
Check out the video:

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If you think that their lifestyle is still not grand and carefree, you can check out Jay’s YouTube Channel and see for your self.

H/T: Jay Alvarrez


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