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Selfie-Obsessed Teen Electrocuted After Attempting to take Ultimate Selfie on Top of a Train!

She was trying to take an ‘epic selfie’ on top of the train.

Bernadette Carillo





Dead on arrival. This is what medics declared when a Romanian teenager was rushed to the hospital after bursting into flames with the attempt of doing an ultimate “selfie” on the roof of a train.

Apparently, 18-year-old Anna Ursu, accompanied by a teenage friend, intentionally went to a train station in Lasi Town in the Northeast of the country with the hopes of taking a trail way shot for posting to Facebook. However, as she lay on top of the train and stuck one of her legs up in the air, a resounding 27,000 volts zapped burning at least 50% of her fragile body built.

Selfie-obssessed Anna Ursu floods her timeline leading to her tragic death.


Much as a passerby recalled warning the selfie addicts of the electrical field surrounding the overhead cables, obviously, his warning landed on deaf ears and continued the photo session instead. Moments later, a defying sound dominated the area causing to burn the lass. Witnessing the horrifying incident, immediately the passerby hurried to climb to the roof and grab an extinguisher to suppress the fire clothing Ursu.

She climbed on top of a train and was electrocuted while trying to take the ultimate selfie.

Selfie Teen Turned Into Human Fireball By Trains Electric Cable

Meanwhile, as Ursu laid to her final rest, her friend is now recovering after being blown away off the roof of the stationary train. A hospital spokesman revealed that the possible contact with the electrical field even with the absence of direct contact on the live wire is the probable cause of Ursu’s tragic death.

The charge was so powerful that it sent her friend flying off the roof of the stationary train.


This is not the first incident ever recorded relative to trail ways mishaps and horrific accidents. And so, individuals, most especially the young ones, are strictly advised to practice safety precautions at all times.

A passerby recalled warning the selfie obsessed teen but his warning landed on deaf ears.

Selfie Teen Turned Into Human Fireball By Trains Electric Cable

Few seconds later he heard a loud bang and turned to see the Miss Ursu burst into flames.


Miss Ursu was electrocuted and turned into a human fireball.


H/T: DailyMail


Mom’s Facebook Apology For Kids’ Rude Behavior Goes Viral. Lesson Learned.

Two girls’ rude behavior resulted to a public apology posted by their mother on Facebook which has gone viral since.

Jessa Ventures



Kyesha Smith Wood from Birmingham, Alabama dropped off her son and two daughters at the cinema one Saturday morning. Much to her disappointment and humiliation, her son told her that the two girls were 'rude and obnoxious' during the movie and was 'disrespectful' to a woman when they were asked to keep quiet.

She doesn't tolerate such untoward behavior so she ended up posting an apology on Facebook hoping to find the woman and make it up to her.

Kyesha's post has gone viral since posted on the Jefferson County Sheriff fanpage.


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Rescuers Went to an Abandoned House and Saw the Biggest Cruelty Case They’ve Seen.

Dogs were found in an abandoned house, where some already died. What a disgrace!

Inah Garcia



Animal cruelty is an issue, which some people do not care about. They think that death and abuse amongst these creatures are OK, as long as no human person is harmed. But we bet, all people who will be able to see this video we found will surely be moved.

The Animal Rescue Corps drove all the way to Tennessee to perform an all-nighter called Open midnight run dog to address the case of one of the most shocking animal cruelty stories ever. They made a plan and thought of a strategy to help the poor dogs stuck in a house, achieve freedom and experience quality of life. The rescuers were able to clear out the entire place and carry out their plans successfully.

Warning: This video contains graphic images that some users may find disturbing.

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Boston Marathon Blast Survivor Runs Again With New Prosthetic Leg. INSPIRING!

Boston bombing survivor comes out stronger and runs marathon again with her new prosthetic leg.

Jessa Ventures



The Boston bombing that occurred on April 15th, 2013 has left lasting effects on its victims. That fateful day ended tragically, thanks to the Tsarnaev brothers who up a homemade bomb during the Boston Marathon. The blast killed 3 people and injured an estimated 264 others. Rebekah Gregory was one of those who were nearly killed - a survivor whose life was changed forever.

Gregory underwent 35 surgeries and doctors eventually had to amputate her leg in the process. Despite what happened, she never stopped doing what she loves most--running. During this year's Boston Marathon, Gregory brazenly ran again with her new prosthetic leg, which she fondly calls 'Felicia.'

After running the last 3.2 miles of the race, Gregory fell on her knees. She was "overcome with emotions," she told ABC.

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