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Greek Island Pays $565 Per Month To People Who Will Move There




  • This Greek island will give you money and plot of land if you transfer and live there.
  • They are looking for young, budding families to live on the island and start building their lives and homes to join their community.
  • Aside from access to electricity and internet connection, the island is basically a laid-back town where you can enjoy the peace and quiet you won’t get in busy cities.

We all know how hard it is to get decent and affordable housing in America. Plus, we need to work our hearts and lungs out just to be able to pay off the bills that come with it. However, this island in Greece is willing to pay its people with €500 (565 USD). Apart from that, the government promises to give its new residents their own lot to live in and even start their own family businesses.

The island of Antikythira is found roughly 45 minutes away from Athens, Greece by plane and located between Crete and Kythira. The proposition to entice people to reside on the island is sponsored by the Greek Orthodox Church. The church plans to pay the allowance for three whole years while the new local families are still settling down and making a living for their future on the island.

As beautiful and abundant the island may look, sadly, around only 24 people live on it and the local government on the island wants to rebuild the community and make it prosper like it did in the old days. From a population of 300 in the early 20th century, the count drastically dropped and hurt their economy. The old residents chose to move to bigger, busier Greek cities, leaving the island with just a couple of dozens of locals.

According to Andreas Charchalakis, President of the Local Antikythira Council, those who know how to fish, bake, build, and farm (mostly breeding) can make a living on the island. Charchalakis talked to iefirmerida, a Greek website, and shared the current status of their island:

We are looking for many families to ‘revive’ our island… We need young families, young enough to make Antikythira live and full of children’s voices.

Since news broke that the government is willing to host families and give them financial, housing, and food allowances if they plan to move, the council has been receiving several calls and inquiries. Although these calls mostly came from families who have financial problems, they’re still eager to offer the island for them.

[We] have received at least 15 phone calls from large families facing financial problems due to crisis. I tell them to come here to see the place to host them and if they like to stay in Antikythira too.

The island, however, can really be backwards in terms of modernity and development. There are no ATMs and there are only very limited shops available. Food choices are also very few as they practice farm-to-table, where produce are all grown locally on the island. But they have electricity, internet connection, and they make their own wine–so, that’s still a great deal.

The local council of Antikythira is prioritizing Greek families for this once in a lifetime opportunity, but they’re also open to offering the grant to other nationalities. As of reporting, four families have already been accepted and are starting to enjoy the beautiful island.

Life in this island may be far from what you are accustomed to in the big city. But if you’re open to a change in career, lifestyle, and environment, then you’re really in for a big treat living in this one.

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