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Grandmother Receives A Pillow Made Of Grandfather’s Shirt. Her Reaction Is Priceless!





Love does not have boundaries. It transcends through time and space. So even if our loved ones have departed, they will always stay in our hearts and minds forever.

For romantic love, you know it is true when you can never seem to forget about him/her no matter how long you’ve been separated for a variety of reasons.

We particularly adore old couples, who despite their physical weaknesses, never seem to run out of energy to show how much they love their partner. Walking hand in hand in the park, making coffee in the morning and kissing randomly in the forehead — those are just some of the gestures that signify that their love is true. After all, it’s the little things that matter.

Dying and separation, however, is an inevitable thing. No matter how we wish we could be with our partner forever, we can’t. In this video we found, an elderly woman was handed with a pillow made out of her husband’s shirt. When the girl in the background, probably a granddaughter, said that it was made of grandpa’s shirt, the woman cannot help but show an emotion so priceless, we know it is true love.

Watch the video here:

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