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She Saw Her Grandmother’s Dreams Fail, What She Did in the End Will Truly Touch Your Heart





What is success for you? Is it a 6-figure salary, or affording a house and a car? Is it being able to shop until you drop, or being able to travel anywhere? Is it recognition, fame, or power?

In this heartwarming short feature movie from the Philippines, Kassie’s definition of success was simple. It is to see her grandma Linda make chocolates and run her Linda’s Angels business again, just like in the olden days of her childhood. Kassie was fond of helping her grandmother make chocolates when she was a kid, but saw the bitter reality when the shop closed down due to lack of customers. She vowed to her grandmother that she will return the favor by taking care of her.

Years later, Kassie has her own business running smoothly, but her success is even made sweeter when she fulfills her promise to her beloved grandma, proving she is always grandma’s angel.

Watch the video below to see this beautiful and heartwarming story unfold:

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