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Grandma Hates “iPhones”. When She Got One As a Gift, Her Reaction? HILARIOUS!





We are all finished celebrating Christmas. Most people, especially those who received a smart phone for Christmas, are probably so happy they might have jumped out of joy. But not this adorable grandma who still uses a land-line phone. She was pretty disappointed when she unwrapped a gift and found an iPhone box inside. She exclaimed, she wasn’t equipped to handle it.

“I have a landline phone at home, that nobody knows about ’em I guess, had it for as many years.”

But after a couple of seconds, her disappointment immediately turned into relief and happiness when she found out what it really was.

Watch her priceless reaction:

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The disappointed grandmother unwraps a present only to find what looks likes a phone inside. When her grandson said, “I want you to put it in your mouth.” She blurted out, “I beg your pardon?”

That’s when she realized that she actually received a chocolate phone as a prank. She was so relieved and happy that it wasn’t a real phone. The family then admitted that technology never tasted that good!

Grandma was also filmed in a different technology-themed prank last 2013, when she was made to unwrap a gaming console that turned out to be for someone else. Her reaction when she found out it was a prank: “Thank God.”

Do you know of anyone who would react the same way? Comment your opinions below.

Source: Jordan Graham

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