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103-Year-Old Lady Celebrates Knocking COVID-19 Out By Having A Cold Bud Light Beer




  • 103-year-old Massachusetts woman Jennie Stejna has officially survived the novel COVID-19.
  • Soon after her recovery, she requested for a bottle of cold Bud Light.
  • The staff at the nursing home granted her request and took a photo of her enjoying her drink, which eventually went viral.

Jennie Stejna became the first person who tested positive of the novel Coronavirus in a nursing home at Massachusetts. Upon learning of her condition, Stejna’s family bade their last virtual goodbyes.

Little did they know that Stejna will conquer the virus after spending two weeks in isolation. As soon as she recovered, she had one simple request to celebrate her victory — a bottle of a cold Bud Light.

“This feisty old Polish grandmother of ours officially beat the coronavirus,” Adam Gunn, her grandson-in-law told CBS news.

Stejna has two children, three grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren.

Two weeks ago, Shelley Gunn, Stejna’s granddaughter, thought this is the end of her journey when they found out about her condition. However, she survived the disease and had her desired cold Bud Light afterwards. The staff members in the nursing home took a photo of her drinking the beverage and it quickly went viral online.

In late April, Stejna tested positive of coronavirus. During those times, she stopped eating and drinking. The nursing home representatives immediately informed her family.

“We called her for one last goodbye,” she said.

When Gunn’s husband, Adam, asked her if she was ready to die, Stejna responded:

“Hell yeah”.

The nursing home staff called Gunn to deliver the good news that Stejna lter tested negative of the virus. They also sent a photo of Stejna drinking her favorite cold beer.

Gunn shared that when the nurses came into her room, the feisty Stejna exclaimed:

“I’m not sick anymore, get the hell out!”

Watch Jennie Stejna’s reaction after drinking her Bud Light:

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The Rockstar Grandma, according to netzens.

Numerous netizens called her a “rockstar” as her story went viral.

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