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Graffiti Artist Turns Huge Beach Rock Into A Great White Shark And People Are Loving It

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water!

  • A graffiti artist came across a sharp protruding rock in a beach in Goa and inspiration immediately struck.
  • Jimmy Swift decided to turn the rock into a shark similar to the iconic poster of ‘Jaws’.
  • Not surprisingly, people are loving it and have been taking pictures with the ‘shark’.

What would you do if you discovered that there’s a great white shark terrorizing a beach? Most people would probably stay out of the water. However, a beach in India is actually drawing in more visitors because of its resident “shark.” The terrifying fish is actually a huge beach rock that was painted over by a graffiti artist and people love having their pictures taken with it.

Jimmy Swift is a graffiti artist who found a sharp rock near the shore of Palolem Beach in South Goa, India. Its sheer size and shape immediately inspired Swift to paint it like the monster from the cult classic Jaws.

It might seem like a fun idea but Swift admitted that painting the shark into the rock was “the hardest thing I’ve ever painted.”

“I was literally beat up by the waves and rising tide and forced to stop before it was finished. I could have done better, but between the blowing sand and wind, splashing waves, burning hot sun and the fact I’ve never painted a shark before or painted on a 3 dimensional surface like a rock…. I think it turned out OK,” he said.

Interestingly, Swift revealed that the shark needs constant touch-ups because of the environment and its constant interaction with people.

“I used water-based spray paint which is better for the environment but it also doesn’t last as long as traditional spray paint so that’s why the shark fades with time. I have gone back twice to paint it and I plan on going back again this coming February,” he said.

Hopefully, Swift’s creation will continue to terrorize and amuse visitors at Palolem Beach.


Adorable Puppy That Sleeps Like It’s Done With Life Goes Viral

I have found my new spirit animal!

  • An adorable puppy is taking over the internet because of the unique way she takes naps.
  • Paningning the Shih Tzu prefers to lie on her back with her legs flat on the ground and usually appears to be absolutely done with life.
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Well-Behaved Sea Lion Patiently Waits For Fishermen To Give Him A Snack

What a patient guy!

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  • The patient creature kept his distance while the men worked but immediately moved in for snack time.
  • The video has gone viral as people couldn't get enough of the "chonky water doggo."

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Dad Wears Skimpy Shorts To Teach His Daughter A Lesson

“You wear yours in public, I will wear mine. Parenting 101”

  • Jason HIlley, a father from Orlando, Florida, went viral on Faceook because of his 'Parenting 101" video.
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