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Guy Calms Shark With Just Touch Of His Hand




  • Pierrick Seybald, 34, is a shark diver considered by many as “the shark whisperer.”
  • As can be seen in his videos, he calms huge tiger sharks with a simple touch of his hand.
  • He is hoping to change people’s negative perception about the animals.

It may seem hard to believe for most of us but yes, one man has proven that sharks can actually be quite friendly – at least to him. Although most of us are afraid of sharks, thanks to scary Hollywood movies, this guy shows us its possible to swim with a tiger shark and he calms the animal with the touch of his hand.

34-year-old Pierrick Seybald is being labeled by many as a shark whisperer because of his unique ability. As you can see in the photos and video below, Pierrick is definitely a braver fellow than the rest of us.

The shark safety diver, who is also the owner of Moorea Moana Tou in French Polynesia, share that he does shark feeding for two purposes: 1)to attract sharks and 2) to entertain their guests.

Pierrick likewise said that they often study and observe tiger sharks in the island of Tuamotu where the animals compete for food. He, however, is quick to note that beginner shark divers and guests are not allowed in the area.

Sharks, according to him, are not really as harmful and dangerous as we think they are. For the most part, they don’t really want to eat people but merely want to prove their strength.

“If a shark really wanted to attack me, trust me I would not be here today. Sharks are very smart and they know we are not at all in their food chain,” he pointed out.

So how does he calm them down? Pierrick revealed that the secret is this:

“I often calm them by stimulating the ampullae of Lorenzini with my hand. We call that the tonic immobility and we use that method to remove hooks that sharks got from fisherman.”

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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Pierrick is hoping that his love of sharks will make people realize about their significant role in the environment. Plus he’s aiming to help change everyone’s negative perception about the ocean animals.

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