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Strange Footage on Google Earth Shows ‘Crashed Flying Saucer’

Is this a proof of UFOs among us?


A video captured by the cameras of Google Earth recently caught the attention of many. As a keen-eyed netizen pointed out, the footage looks like there is a ‘crashed flying saucer’ in the middle of the mountains of Arizona, near New Mexico.

When zoomed-in, the ‘UFO’ appears to be a huge circular object and a white SUV is parked next to it.

Uploaded by Secure Team on YouTube, Tyler, the narrator, claims that the alleged craft is even located in a ‘no-fly’ area.

Secure Team claims that a ‘crashed flying saucer’ can be seen in this Google Earth video taken in Arizona.

google earth crashed flying saucer 1

Source: Secure Team

According to Tyler:

“As I said, it could be a crash site, or it could be a testing site.

“What really interests me is not only the military no-fly restriction put on this exact area, but the SECOND no-fly restriction literally placed dead-centre on the location of this object.

“That’s a hell of a lot of military-grade restriction overkill for whatever this thing is.”

You can watch the 15-minute video here:

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The footage has already gained more than 239,000 views since it was uploaded last month. However, the comment section tells us that most viewers aren’t actually convinced.

Browsing the video’s comment section though, it looks like most viewers aren’t convinced.

google earth crashed flying saucer 2

Source: Getty

YouTube user Joshua Youngblood commented:

“I managed to find this on Google Earth , and took a better look at it, there are some old disintegrating structures nearby and what looks like a solar panel, I would say it’s a water cistern.

“It’s also right in the heart of Swaggart Spring. And it’s not a no fly zone.”

On the other hand, Andrew Hennessey wrote:

“Looks like a semi-inflated tent or even an inflatable white water raft upside down being used like a tent.”

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