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Google Earth User Spots 400ft ‘Ice Ship’ In Antarctica

If that doesn’t look like a yatch to you, check it out on Google Earth yourself. You might find something more interesting.

Margaret Tionquiao




  • A Google Earth user believes he found a 400-feet yatch buried in the ice of Antarctica.
  • He shared this discovery on YouTube, introducing himself as the Earth Watchman.
  • According to him, a certain iceberg 100 miles from Antarctica looks like a cruise ship.
  • The video amazed some people and has since inspired numerous conspiracy theories.

A Google Earth user has recently shared a video via Youtube (@MrMBB333) of what he believes to be a huge ‘ice ship’ lying 100 miles off the coast of Antarctica.

In the video, the self-proclaimed Earth Watchman initially shared a Google Earth view of a chunk of ice. After zooming in to a section of the Antarctic and switching to 3-D view, he showed viewers a 400-feet structure that looked like a cruise liner. He also pointed out what appears to be rows of windows and chimneys in the structure.


As an Earth Watchman, he said that over the years, he has familiarized himself with the planet and its nook and crannies, including its mechanics and how it reacts to different aspects of space weather by monitoring “everything from the sea floor to the cosmos and everything in between” – enough for him to say that this iceberg looks unnatural.


He zoomed into one part, emphasizing the symmetrical features that looked manmade. According to him, it looked like the outline of a 400-feet yatch.

He also pointed out that some parts of the iceberg are perfectly angled, they looked like entryways, walls, and a parking space.
The video fascinated many viewers, but some reacted with various conspiracy theories involving hidden objects and secrets on the continent.
Another YouTube user said that he heard about movements in Antarctica from after the Second World War so he was not surprised about the find.

Someone speculated that this discovery is among the vessels built to shelter the elites when Canary Islands got hit by a global disaster like a massive earthquake, much like Noah’s Ark.

Another netizen claimed that Antarctica used to be a secret Nazi base and this ship was a left over from the Second World War.
Antarctica -ice-ship

The video also showed the Earth Watchman discussing other interesting finds which includes ‘what looks like a torpedo’ or ‘maybe a submarine’, which measures about 50 feet long.

He shared, “At 50ft long it could very well be a small submarine or some sort. Don’t know.”

Watch the full video here:

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