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Frustrated Girlfriend Stripped in Public When Boyfriend Didn’t Buy Her an iPhone 6s

She wants to make him understand how badly she wants an iPhone 6s.

Ann Moises





It’s normal for couples to fight. Every close relationships entail not just pure love and bliss but also periods of complete madness.

These periods are often caused by misunderstandings, jealousy, and sometimes boredom. Yes, lovers do fight over petty things, and it’s given.

We are all familiar with that feeling somehow. That feeling of desperation and hopelessness whenever the person we love just can’t seem to understand us. It’s frustrating because, of all people, we want our partners to understand, love, and accept us when no one else can—no matter what.

Love can make us think and do crazy things, right? But, tell me, will you ever do something so utterly insane like stripping naked in public just because you want to make your partner understand your point?

Well, this girl from Nanjing, China will, and obviously, she can.


Photo credit: Stomp

In the video, a couple fighting created a commotion amidst a busy street. As the girl pours her heart out to her partner, she also starts to undress until she’s completely naked!


Shocked passers-by watched, and as for her boyfriend, well, he never made an effort to cover his girlfriend.

What’s more weird about this scenario was that, according to reports, the girl stripped because her boyfriend didn’t buy her an iPhone 6s.

What would you have done if you were in her boyfriend’s shoes?

Watch the video and tell us what you think.

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Netizens Can’t Decide Whether this Girl is Above or Below Water

Netizens agree, though, that the picture is confusing and mind-blowing.

Ann Moises



It was not too long ago when Cecilia Bleasdale and Paul Jinx’s photo of the “The Dress” took the internet by storm. Millions of netizens across the globe argued over the color of that particular outfit. Blue, black, white, or gold---we all answered differently to one simple question.

Now, another photo is leaving millions of netizens baffled. An Imgur user named Maskari uploaded a picture of an adorable little girl who seemed to enjoy the last days of summer playing in the water. Maskari wrote:

“This girl looks like she’s underwater and jumping into the water at the same time.”

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Facebook Campaign In Peru Encourages Citizens To Be Vigilantes And Punish Criminals

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Mark Andrew



Most of the time, vigilantes are portrayed in a positive light in movies, TV shows, books, and comics.

Batman, Green Arrow, Punisher, and Daredevil are among some of the popular fictional characters that fall under the category. They are the heroes of the masses and quite frankly, I personally find it a bit satisfying to watch these costumed characters beat the bad guys – individuals and groups who usually know how to easily escape the consequences of their crimes.

Still, I have to say that hearing about real-life vigilantism gave me mixed feelings.

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Romanian Singer Beats His Pregnant Girlfriend on Live Television. How Awful!

It’s like an episode of Jerry Springer Show – Romanian edition.

Ann Nuñez



It's never good to air out your dirty laundry on national TV, especially if it involves family issues. Case in point: this Romanian "King of Gypsy Music" beating his pregnant girlfriend on live TV.

Nicolae Guta is famous in his home country, Romania, for his "gypsy music". However, despite his fame, he couldn't keep his temper at bay when he was told a rather surprising revelation on a show's live broadcast.

The Romanian show guested Nicolae with his pregnant girlfriend named "Iulia", a pole dancer. Nicolae's stepson, Nicu, was also present during the live broadcast. During a certain segment, Nicu admitted that he slept with his stepfather's girlfriend, leading to a heated argument between the three. And it didn't end there; due to sheer outrage, the argument resulted in a physical altercation, with Nicolae hitting his girlfriend. On live national television.

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