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Giant ‘Fearsome’ Spider Gets Rescued And Given A Second Chance In Life





Spiders are typically feared by most people. There’s even a name for the fear of spiders, which is arachnophobia. Although some may not be venomous, they can still appear intimidating. For Australia’s Barnyard Betty Rescue, animals, big or small, that are in need of rescue deserves to live a good life – and that’s what they gave to a giant spider.

We’ve read about stories of cats, dogs and even farm animals getting rescued and given another chance at life. But this rescue story we’re about to share is definitely one of a kind since it involves saving a creature that is usually the stuff of nightmares.

Barnyard Betty Rescue in Australia managed to rescue a Huntsman spider from being killed.

This extremely large arachnid is named Charlotte and she’s not photoshopped!

Barnyard Betty Rescue didn’t go into detail of the rescue but shared that Charlotte has been released in the farm. The rescue organization wanted to clear up that Charlotte, as big as she looks, is totally harmless.

Huntsman spiders usually grow to five inches across, but Charlotte is a bit bigger than that.

On their Facebook page, Barnyard Betty Rescue wrote:

“She was a beautiful, calm spider, not aggressive in any way, and like most spiders, she just wanted to go about her business eating bugs and living in peace. She didn’t or doesn’t need to be killed! Poor spiders are so misunderstood! All creatures great and small are welcome here at Barnyard Betty’s Rescue, a safe haven no matter how you look!!”

Charlotte has been living on the farm, peacefully catching all the insects she can eat.

The spider shares the loving place with other barnyard animals including cows, chickens, goats, and sheep.

Barnyard Betty Rescue welcomes animals that have been mistreated including farm animals that are deemed useless to their owners. For this animal sanctuary, every animal life is definitely worth saving.

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