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Plate-Sized Giant Huntsman Spider Traps Couple Inside Their Home

This massive and unhappy spider surprised an Australian couple in their home.


A couple shared photos and a video of a gigantic huntsman spider lurking just outside their backyard door. The trapped couple named the plate-sized monster, “Aragog”, the giant spider from the Harry Potter series.

Lauren Ansell and her partner from Mount Coolum returned home and were about to prepare dinner when they found the giant spider sitting on the sliding glass door to the patio.

This massive and unhappy spider surprised an Australian couple in their home.

Ansell told Sunshine Coast Daily:

“(The spider) was preventing us from using our BBQ. We made it unhappy as we tried to move it so we could cook. My boyfriend tried to squish it in the door but the spider was smart.The door only claimed two of its legs and it dropped and ran into the garden.”

The couple named the huntsman spider, Aragog.

Though it’s unclear if Aragog has left for good – or just waiting for his next move – the couple is glad they can now move around without worrying about a gigantic spider surprising them.

This is one gigantic spider!

Huntsman spiders are large and long-legged, measuring up to 15 centimeters across the legs. These massive spiders are generally found in New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Hawaii, Florida, the Mediterranean, and Australia. This means that these spiders love the tropical climate.

Another giant huntsman spider spotted in Australia.

Their diet consists mainly of insects but they consume reptiles too such as geckos.

Huntsman spiders are not considered dangerous but when provoked, they could bite. Their bites may cause inflammation, pain, vomiting, headache and irregular heart beat. Mostly, huntsman spiders only give defensive bites when they’re provoked by animals and humans. Mother spiders may become aggressive when they sense a threat to their eggs.

There are no known deaths caused by these giants.

Learn more about huntsman spiders from this video:

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How would you feel if you were trapped inside your house by a giant spider? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Philippine Official Rides On Poor Sea Turtle That Recently Laid Eggs

These magnificent creatures are best left alone.

Sea turtles are undeniably fascinating creatures, that to have a close encounter with one is such a remarkable experience. Unfortunately, it is also for this same reason that some people just can’t get their hands off this endangered animal.

Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines recently posted a video showing a man riding a green sea turtle that was just making its way back to the beach after laying eggs. Much to everyone's surprise, the man who committed the heartless act on the innocent creature has been identified as an official of the Philippine Information Agency.

This Philippine official is seen riding on the back of turtle.

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Men Who Dragged Helpless Shark Also Tortured Other Animals, Posted Them On Social Media

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A recent viral video shows a group of men dragging a helpless shark tied from a speed boat. Now, more photos have revealed that the men have long been torturing animals and they even posted photos of them in social media.

The viral video, which lasted for 11 seconds, shows how the men laughed as they dragged the shark at a high speed until the animal was ripped into pieces.

Michael Wenzel's account has been deleted but screenshots of his photos were uploaded by angry netizens.

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Horrific Video Shows Shark Being Dragged By A Speed Boat Until It Was Ripped To Pieces

Who does this? Poor shark.

A horrific video has recently gone viral and it shows a speed boat dragging a shark in the waters of Florida. The video has since outraged many, contrary to what the people in the video has expected.

Florida's sport fishing community are not happy with the video which shows a shark, tied to the back of a speedboat and dragged at high speed. The video lasted for about 11 seconds and it shows the poor shark flailing around helplessly as it was repeatedly flown into the air and crashed into the surface of the water.

Distressing footage of the shark being dragged at high speed.

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