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30 Images of Textbook Vandalism So Genius They Deserve Recognition





We all have our fair share of high school memories. These are things that we simply can’t forget. Some of us might have even met our significant other during this stage. Regardless, high school life is one great experience.

These students, however, have found a way to keep their time busy. Simply put, they tried to keep boredom away by doodling. Some did it on a single piece of paper while others, unfortunately, used textbooks. While the latter is obviously an act of vandalism, some of the drawings or doodles are just too good to be ignored.

Here are 30 of the wittiest textbook vandalisms students did when they got bored. Go scroll down and have a good laugh!

#1. Expectation vs. Reality?

#2. Whoever did this is a genius. No, seriously.

Source: corenocirofa
#3. Mettalica + Neanderthal = Neandertallica

Source: Reddit
#4. So that’s the missing element?

Source: hightechkid9
#5. Remember to wear a tight one.

#6. Genius level = Patrick Star

Source: threequarks
#7. Just in case you’re wondering why.

Source: BoredPanda
#8. How to make a Math book worth studying.

Source: BoredPanda
#9. Selfie-stick FTW!

Source: BrocubaMY
#10. Too much Doraemon, bro?

Source: peten0739
#11. I wonder if anyone would want to use this book after seeing this.

Source: BoredPanda
#12. Just follow the instructions and you’ll see a gem.

Source: iamahappyguy
#13. I don’t know but this seems creepy. What do you think?

Source: BoredPanda
#14. It should be “woman,” OK?

Source: RottenRazer
#15. If you’re bored, just draw a dinosaur.

Source: Imgur
#16. This is actually pretty genius.

Source: BoredPanda
#17. I’m just gonna leave this one here.

Source: Unhorse
#18. “He draws in a rented textbook.”

Source: reggit99
#19. This is… Wait, what?

Source: BoredPanda
#20. “Get ready for that pitch, senpai.”

Source: BoredPanda
#21. The debate is finally over.

#22. This is going to get stuck in your head forever.

Source: Wordex
#23. When you’ve watched too much horror movies…

#24. “C’mon, Harold. We got to show ’em some killer moves.”

Source: BoredPanda
#25. This selfie guy needs a trophy!

Source: BrocubaMY
#26. All for the love of superheroes.

Source: Reddit
#27. “I told you to pass me the salt.”

#28. Careful where you swim, young girl.

Source: BoredPanda
#29. Enter vintage action movie OST here.

#30. You gotta give it to this guy. He deserves a selfie.

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