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Man Explains Why Miss Universe Should Not Include Transgender Women





There is little doubt that Miss Universe 2018 belonged to Catriona Gray, who bested 93 other contestants to win the coveted crown. However, this year’s pageant was also the first time that a transgender woman joined the competition. Angela Ponce and her involvement as Miss Spain proved to be a touchy subject for most people.

So is it about time that transgender women should be allowed to compete in Miss Universe? One man believes that the pageant should be exclusive to natural-born women. He explained that the LGBT community should not force inclusivity in such competitions and called for people to understand respect.

Angela Ponce is the first openly transgender contestant to join Miss Universe

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Facebook user Aljon Dabawenyo shared a lengthy post on social media asking, “Transgender in Miss Universe? Seriously?” He reveals that he is gay but is “totally disappointed with this new rule.”

“What happened to the ‘Respect begets respect?’ LGBT community is crying loudly for respect and rights but they forgot to pay respect and consider the rights of others in return. The thing is, never ask for something you can not give back. The freedom that we asked for, we already got it and even much more. Expression of love publicly, same-sex marriage and a lot more. What more can we ask?”

Aljon points out that Miss Spain advocated more inclusivity during Miss Universe 2018, a move that somehow disrespected the rights of natural-born women.

“Come on people! Joining an event that is exclusive for women is so inappropriate. Let us respect the in-born women as we respect our mothers.”

Angela Ponce congratulated Catriona Gray for winning Miss Universe 2018.

The post continues by explaining the difference between transgender women and natural-born women.

“As far as my knowledge is concerned, Ms. Universe is for naturally born women who have uterus, ovaries and other natural female characteristics which means someone who can conceive babies. These characteristics are in-born and a gift from God and I think these are the primary qualification for Ms. Universe that’s why it’s ‘Ms.’ A transwoman, on the other hand, is someone who transitioned from a naturally born man (which is also a gift from God but with different gender and sexual orientation) to a man-made woman. Come on! there is a huge difference.”

In conclusion, Aljon called out the LGBT community saying that transgender women in Miss Universe is “beyond the limit.” He even went as far to say he does not want to be a member of the community if this continues.

“Sorry for this, but if this is how LGBT fight for respect and freedom when they can’t even respect and fight for the freedom of others, I’d rather choose not to be part of LGBT community.”

What do you think of Aljon’s post? Do you agree with his idea, or should transgender women continue joining Miss Universe? Let us know in the comments below.

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