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40 Funny People Who Wore the Right Shirts at the Right Time





Anyone can look and feel good depending on the clothes worn. However, when it comes to dressing down for the occasion, it is a difficult task to conquer. This is most especially with the thousands of fashion trends and styles the earth has nowadays. Apparently, there are people who, for some reasons, see an outfit as an art itself.

Whether or not they meant to wear a certain outfit, they certainly took the entire “dressed for the occasion” thing to a whole new level. This is where clothes become a funny thing at the right time. Scroll down below and see for yourself!

#1. Alternately the same.

Source: CXV_
#2. When you have no idea that Verlander is actually behind you.

#3. Yeah, he just did.

#4. Just perfect.

Source: norcal530
#5. The shirt says it all.

Source: enochs
#6. Oh, yes, kid. That is a Victoria’s Secret model right beside you.

Source: trolollies
#7. 4 is a family.

Source: superfab96
#8. Keyword: “Seemed”

Source: Billy7788
#9. A “Chance Encounter” at its finest.

Source: dwimback
#10. You got to have it licked, kid.

#11. When you met a stranger who wore the same shirt and shorts as you.

#12. I can see he is a big fan of her.

Source: BenjaminNet
#13. Well, the t-shirt certainly did its trick.

Source: CARLOS-7-
#14. I do not walk. I fly.

Source: hardonchairs
#15. Wait, what?

Source: SmoothHookah
#16. When you go to Disneyland, please do not wear this shirt.

Source: Math_Nerd_
#17. Part scary, part hilarious.

Source: Vietace
#18. Oops!

#19. When you buy a toy like this.

#20. Dude, please stop.

#21. I now understand why the waiter is so angry.

Source: SatchmoCSS
#22. She has every reason to smile.

#23. This guy’s shirt is luckier than him.

#24. Nailed it!

Source: Lagnaktor
#25. When your sauce drips over your shirt at the right time.

Source: Ninjanaught
#26. I do not even know what to say.

#27. It does.

Source: InternetPost
#28. The Man of Steel is not impressed, though.

#29. Well…

#30. Once in a blue moon, eh?

Source: art_is_dumb
#31. When your shirt is pretty much consistent with the hotel’s motif.

Source: wickensworth
#32. Are those clones or something?

Source: twister99999
#33. Lucky guy.

#34. Breaking Bad… stuff.

#35. Which one hurts, Barry?

Source: Gray09
#36. When you talked your nephew into wearing a shirt with your face on it.

Source: coppertop
#37. Or like this.

Source: itsjoeco
#38. Pretty much sums up the kid’s parents’ life.

Source: REDBern
#39. Yes, that is Levar Burton… both the guy and on the shirt.

#40. Which one should we be afraid of?

We bet you somehow got the same experience at some point in your life. Well, if you do, feel free to share it with us in the comments!

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