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40 of the Most Horrible Photoshop Fails Ever

And this, my friend, is why using Photoshop comes with great responsibility.


Photoshop is a genuine gift to humanity, a handy tool perfect for making images look stellar. This software, however, is not a complicated one to use. You just have to be patient and dedicated to learn every single one of its features. Sadly, when used in the wrong hands, it can entirely defeat a certain purpose.

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This Photoshop fails we compiled refer exactly to people who – sorry for the term – greatly suck at using this software. And if you are wondering how these mistakes moved past editing, well, we do not know for sure. Scroll down below and be prepared to cringe. But hey, they are so bad that they actually become hilarious.

#1. They are probably wearing pants with camouflage technology.

Source: theonlyjamie
#2. When all of a sudden your little girl became a demon.

#3. This girl has some flexible neck, eh?

Source: ludotheo
#4. Whoever is the designer here must be goddamn fired.

#5. Do not leave your child unattended… wait, what?

#6. Just check out the legs.

#7. This is the kind of arm you get from swimming.

Source: Forger62
#8. When you have fallen in love with the model that you forgot the body of the horse.

#9. You do not need to be a genius to understand why this is a fail.

Source: bmdelaune
#10. Hmm…

Source: Zaqudon
#11. Apparently, there is a new way to play guitar.

Source: Emerald Mew
#12. I seriously want to punch whoever photoshopped this.

Source: sallad78
#13. I do not know if this is a joke or something.

Source: pagodahut
#14. Whoops!

#15. Yeah, she has no nipples. Dumbass.

#16. When you suddenly have two right feet.

#17. You just know that these peas were photoshopped in.

Source: andrewnacho
#18. RIP, my man.

Source: BIRDos
#19. Just look closely and you will see them identical twins.

#20. It was okay at the top when the bottom…

#21. When you need more babies in the picture.

#22. When people try to be a genius in using Photoshop.

Source: UnicornBeef
#23. Here is how to make beautiful girls look ugly.

Source: d4n1l0v3
#24. I cannot even…

#25. How to lose sales in a minute? Here.

#26. This one here proves why Photoshop is really necessary.

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#27. And you are wondering why you are not making any sale?

Source: JadeShade
#28. This is where the phrase “Goddamn it!” applies.

Source: HarinderG
#29. The designer literally described the university’s president as someone who is quite “hands on.”

Source: tbonetaylor
#30. I am a bit confused as to where the discount applies.

#31. I guess homes are pretty much affordable these days.

#32. A tablet that shows the future? Shut up and take my money!

#33. This girl has some superpowers or something.

Source: TheNakedWorm
#34. Sorry but I cannot help… HAHAHA!

#35. You know what is wrong here.

Source: psdisasters
#36. How to ruin a great family day?

Source: Lesa Hall
#37. Well…

Source: Smiteside
#38. So, how does a puppy poo?

Source: Dudebrosef
#39. If you actually see this view from your plane’s window, then you need to be alarmed!

Source: Anaxagor
#40. Just take a look closely and you will see that the holes do not match.

Source: MCap4Real

These fails only prove that Photoshop is a great tool that comes with great responsibility. See how a single design mistake can create a whole, different meaning? That is very alarming, so to speak.


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