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Unusual Fungus Causes Women to Have Instant Earth-Shattering Orgasms!

If you’re looking for a way to get off, this is it.

Dondi Tiples





Its long been documented how women have continuously sought that big satisfying “O”. Masters and Johnson have written a whole book about it, and women’s magazines continually preach about the best way to reach earth-shattering heights.

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So if you are a woman, and your partner can’t bring you to orgasm, and all the literature and videos you’ve bought, stole, or borrowed seem like so much work, there’s a solution to your lack of soul-exploding climax.

Frustrated? We hear you. But there's a solution to your problem…

1009 orgasm fungus 1

Photo credit: IFL Science

Its a fungus.

No, really. Its a fungus.

And there is scientific evidence to back it up, too.

In the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, Volume 3, scientists John C. Holliday and Noah Soule heard about a fungus growing on the island of Hawaii reputed to give women instant orgasms the moment they took a whiff of its scent.

The screaming, sweaty, hair-all-over-the-place kind…

1009 orgasm fungus 5

Photo credit: Daily Mail

Not really believing the rumor, but too intrigued to let it go, Holliday and Soule journeyed to Hawaii to investigate, and found out of a species of mushroom growing only on lava flows dated to be between 600 to 1,000 years old.

The Dictyophora species, which remains unnamed for reasons of its protection, is regarded as an extremely strong aphrodisiac, but only for women, who, if they sniff the “fetid” smelling fungi, would immediately reach the peak of arousal, and orgasm violently.

Um, no…its not the Hawaiian Stinkhorn, phallus-shaped though it is. Nice try, though…

1009 orgasm fungus 6

Holliday and Soule decided to test the effects on several subjects, who reported feelings of high sexual arousal, with nearly half of them reaching spontaneous orgasm within moments.

C-c-can you f-f-feel that?

1009 orgasm fungus 2

Photo credit: East Africa Times

Unfortunately, the mushrooms only affected females, and the males in the small test group only reported a foul, unmentionable stench.

Holliday and Soule studied and morphology and chemistry of the as-yet-anonymous fungus, finding hormone-like compounds in the volatile portions of the spore mass that mimic the effects of actions of female neurotransmitters during sexual intercourse.

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They immediately published their findings in the Journal, which can be found on page 162. However, they declined to name the mushroom, or even describe its characteristics, perhaps in fear the species would immediately be wiped out from the face of the earth by eager women seeking climax.

So, if you’re ever in Hawaii, go ask the locals if they can point out any century-old lava flows you can gather your own “orgasm mushrooms” from.

Here's to hitting that high spot…

1009 orgasm fungus 4

Photo credit: Daily Mail


H/T: IFL Science, Begellhouse, Can Mushrooms Save the Planet, East Africa Times, Hipochonder, and Daily Mail

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