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Funny and Creative Men Give Women the Best Orgasms, According to New Study





When it comes to the topic of sex, it’s safe to say that men can easily be pleased in bed. A small touch or kiss is enough to arouse him. But when it comes to women, it’s a totally different story. Men are still having a hard time figuring out how female orgasm works. Or at least, how he can give the best orgasm to his lady partner.

Interestingly, there’s a new study suggesting that a man who knows how to make his woman laugh gives the best orgasm experience. This is most especially true to creative and emotionally warm men, as they’re made for high orgasmic partners.

Giving women the best orgasmic experience is not easy.

Source: indy100

The research was basically carried out by 103 single women (aged between 20 and 69), who all completed a 71-minute survey about their sexual past. It should be noted that women who were in committed relationships weren’t include for a certain reason, which is:

Those in a relationship may feel obliged to rate their current partner more favorably than is strictly true.”

The survey aimed to find out which traits in men could provide women with the best and most enjoyable orgasmic experience. Of course, attractiveness was, without a doubt a factor, but the researchers wanted to unravel more traits.

Attractiveness helps women experience intimacy – not just orgasm – at a much higher level.

Apparently though, attractiveness isn’t just based on good looks alone. Here’s what the research suggests:

The pattern found in our results suggests, conversely, that women’s orgasms depended more on traits potentially representing investment and attentiveness (e.g. faithfulness, emotional warmth) than classic markers of good genes and masculinity.”

So what does this exactly tell us? Simple: the best experiences women had in bed were those with men with positive characteristic traits. Partners who induced high-orgasm rates were deemed “humorous, creative, warm, faithful, and better smelling.”

The researchers, however, did set some sort of limitations to their study. Case in point, they included the difficulty of parsing out the characteristic that seems to contribute the most in terms of female orgasm.

For instance, greater levels of humor and creativity may simply contribute to ratings of attractiveness, which in turn increases the likelihood of orgasm.”

It’s still possible that high-orgasm partners are fond of activities thatare likely to bring orgasm. Still, a funny, warm, and creative personality is ideal.

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