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18 Fun Exercise Positions For Couples to Get that Full-Body Workout





Exercise is, admittedly, not as fun for some as it is for others. Going to the gym can start to feel like a chore if you’d rather stay at home and binge on your favorite show. But what if there was a fun and intimate way to exercise with your partner without requiring either of you to leave the house? Sounds good? Then prepare yourselves for these ‘sexercise’ positions to tone those muscles!

1. The Mermaid

For her: 100 muscles used
For him: 400 muscles used

Just by looking at the position you can see that you’ll both need to use your arm and leg muscles.

2. The Mermaid Part II

This is for when his arms get a little tired and she could use a little leg workout thrown in the mix.

3. Facing

For her: 300 muscles used
For him: 400 muscles used

It’s intimate, and something you can try out in the shower.

4. Facing Part II

By getting her to lean back, he can support her weight and use even more muscles.

5. Girl on Top

For her: 200 muscles used
For him: 100 muscles used

This position is a favorite among men who want their partner to be in control. Leaning forward eases the weight off the lower and upper body, but…

6. Girl on Top Part II

Getting her to lean backward as he does a half sit-up position will improve her leg muscles and his abs.

7. Ankles on Hips

For her: 60 muscles used
For him: 200 muscles used

Why let him thrust away and get all the benefits of an exercise when you can do…

8. Ankles on Shoulders

He’s carrying her entire weight, and she’s holding on to him with both her legs and arms. It’s an instant full-body workout!

9. Missionary

For her: 100 muscles used
For him: 200 muscles used

We all know how this goes, so why not give it a spin with…

10. Missionary 2.0

Where she lifts up her hips and he uses only his arms for support. It’s a great core workout for both.

11. Doggie

For her: 300 muscles used
For him: 400 muscles used

The weight evenly distributed on her arms and legs, and he gets a leg workout.

12. Doggie Part II

Stand up and get her to lean forward over a ledge with just her hands, as he takes her from behind. The slight bend will work all her muscles, and for him, it’s a workout for his biceps, triceps, glutes, back, and leg muscles.

13. Table Top

For her: 150 muscles used
For him: 500 muscles used

Clear the counter and do the deed right in the kitchen.

14. Table Top Part II

Instead of using her back for support, she’s using her arms. As for him, he’s also supporting her weight with his arms.

15. Spoon

For her: 60 muscles used
For him: 150 muscles used

This lazy Sunday position is pretty low on the workout scale, but…

16. Spoon Part II

He can prop himself by the arms and she can lift up her leg.

17. Kneeling Missionary

For her: 500 muscles used
For him: 600 muscles used

This sweet and intimate position already gets the muscles working, but why not change it up with…

18. Kneeling Missionary Part II

Take turns leaning back to get your core and leg muscles working.

The minute you and your significant other get home, check back on this list and pick out the sexy workout position you want to try tonight!

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